Janel Hodge
Senior Accounting Manager

Direct: 907-274-6705
Main: 907-334-6700
Email: jyeaw@alaskacf.org

Janel has lived in Alaska for about ten years, she arrived here as a military spouse not knowing what to expect. Within a week of arriving, she decided that this was where she wanted to set down roots and raise a family. Over the past ten years, She has had the joy of discovering the variety of Alaskan life, from the big city of Anchorage to living in the remote town of Nome.

Janel enjoys the outdoors even in the middle of winter. She spends weekends with her kids getting outside with activities like snowshoeing to a recent discovery of ice fishing. Summertime is spent exploring our amazing state, camping, fishing, and hiking. She also is a fantastic cook. Her guilty pleasure is fast cars, motorcycles and driving way to fast on both.

Janel’s background is in finance, accounting, taxes, and eligibility determinations. she has been working over the last twenty years in accounting positions covering a broad spectrum of industries, from non-profits to manufacturing and state offices. She is the staff accountant at ACF and works directly with Kevin Gray ACF’s CFO.

When asked to describe her job at ACF Janel had this to say, “ACF is not just a job for me, this is a purposeful career. I spent several months looking for a new position, one that would fulfill my career goals but also one that would provide me with a work environment where I could envision myself staying until retirement. I love working at ACF because it provides a unique career path in terms of accounting duties, but also provides the ability to see the impact that a giving heart has on the needs in Alaska. Every donation received, every grant made has an impact and the power of change.”