When you give to one of these great causes, you create a philanthropic ripple that is felt across Alaska. Whether it’s $25 or $25,000, your investment in Alaska makes a real difference and builds a permanent endowment that will benefit all Alaskans now and forever.

Join Us for The Alaska Community Foundation’s 2020 Virtual Annual Event

October 16, 2020

In 2020, generous donors like you continue to shape Alaska’s philanthropic landscape through The Alaska Community Foundation. This year accelerated ACF’s growth as a leader in philanthropy because donors continue to respond to the challenges before us.  As 2020 unfolded, ACF was forced to cancel the in-person gathering for our annual fundraiser this June.  Amid a swirling year, you are invited to our upcoming annual fundraiser, ...

The Social Justice Fund Awards its Fourth Year of Grants

July 6, 2020

ACF has distributed its fourth year of grants from the Social Justice Fund. The fund supports community-based organizations that focus on the root causes of social, economic, and environmental injustices. The Social Justice Fund seeks to include those who are impacted by injustices as decision-makers and leaders. It also aims ...

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