For 50 years, Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) has provided high-quality free legal assistance in civil matters to vulnerable Alaskans. Our organization oversees 12 offices including more than 30 attorneys who collectively reach clients in over 175 Alaskan communities annually. Clients assisted by ALSC are facing critical civil legal issues ranging from consumer law, family law, housing problems, public benefits, healthcare, tribal law, and other areas specific to veterans or the elderly. We achieve positive outcomes for our clients in a remarkable 86% of accepted cases. In an average year, ALSC is able to help over 2,500 low-income Alaskans with direct legal aid, benefiting over 6,300 individuals through the efforts of our staff, attorneys, and volunteers. We serve thousands more through self-help and community education efforts. A recent study found that ALSC produces a 5:1 return on dollars invested in our organization. With our community partners, ALSC has secured important legal victories for marginalized communities on issues ranging from access to education, consumer protections, and to securing health care.

ALSC has a demonstrated record of removing barriers that prevent Alaska’s most vulnerable citizens from full participation in our community, and working to eliminate injustices to marginalized community members. Our organization has played an integral role in the evolution of Alaska’s justice system, always pressing for more access and better protections for Alaska’s most at risk members. Although, we are proud of our 50 year history, we recognize the work yet to be done and are adamantly and enthusiastically driven to achieve our end goal: “justice for all”, not just those who can afford it.  We believe that one way to bridge Alaska’s justice gap (the gap between those who need civil legal aid and those who receive it) is through supporting the efforts of Pro Bono volunteers.  Towards that end, we have recently created a Pro Bono Training Academy, which provides an online resource bank, mentorship and free training to attorney volunteers. ALSC seeks $25,000 to support and expand this resource over the course of the next year.