The Alaska Institute for Justice’s (AIJ) mission is to promote and protect the human rights of immigrants and refugees throughout Alaska by providing critical services to this underserved population, including immigration legal services, language interpretive services, training, and educational programs.

A donation of $5,000-$10,000 will fund up to three Know Your Rights presentations, including providing materials in translated languages to provide equity in access to protective legal services for all Alaskans.  The changes in DOJ and DHS immigration policies are having devastating effects on Alaskans and their families.  This funding will help meet a pressing need to ensure everyone understands their rights, that all people are treated with dignity, and that everyone has access to legal representation.  AIJ will work to ensure immigrants are aware of their legal rights and options through targeted outreach to cultural community organizations, including South Sudanese, Somali, Spanish, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities.

Funding greater than $10,000 will help meet a larger community demand for pro bono legal assistance to represent immigrants.  Larger donations will support mentoring and training of attorneys in Alaska, since there are currently less than 15 experienced immigration lawyers in Alaska.