Peter Michalski
Nina Kemppel

2018 was a great year for the Alaska Community Foundation, and we want to thank you for your support. Your gifts empower us to help nonprofits across the state to improve the lives of Alaskans. 

Our recently completed multiyear campaign to grow our endowment has been successful, and we have some exciting news to share. Of the $102 million gathered, $14.8 million has been realized. The remainder of the proceeds are testamentary gifts to be received in the future. Though the $14.8 million is but a small percentage of the amount raised, it will provide the ability to distribute over a half-million dollars to nonprofit organizations, educational entities, and tribal organizations across the state every year forever. That number will only go up as pledges to the campaign are realized. Thanks to the generous spirit of Alaskans the funds currently available will help to make an impact in our communities today, and future generations will be able to depend on support for the causes that matter to them.

In total, the Alaska Community Foundation raised $165 million over the last five years and distributes approximately $7 million per year in grants to nonprofit organizations, much of it from unrestricted funds, donor advised funds, scholarship funds, and individual nonprofit funds.

Our community rallied after the earthquake in November 2018 to join together in giving $365,000 to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations and support recovery efforts. ACF was able to work with other nonprofits and community leaders to grant out immediate assistance to nonprofits that were important to the relief process and help those nonprofits struggling with long-term recovery get back to their essential missions.
We look forward to sharing with you the impact of your donations to the campaign for years to come and are grateful for your continued support of nonprofits and individuals with a vision for a better Alaska.

Donor Highlight

Jo Michalski

You gave me what you did not have, and I gave you what I had to give—together, we made something greater from the difference.

–Alberto Ríos

There are not many that have the courage and tenacity to build a life by following their dreams and passions. Even fewer find the time to give back to the communities and individuals that helped them achieve those dreams. Jo Michalski followed her heart through each new venture life offered, and now she is giving back to the community that helped foster those dreams. 

Jo joined The Alaska Community Foundation’s board in 2005 and later served as Board Chair. ACF would not be what it is today without Jo’s socially conscious approach to solving the immediate needs of the communities in our state and creating support for future generations. 

Her experience as Board Chair and ability to inspire and encourage philanthropy made her a perfect person to co-chair the Campaign for Alaska’s Future. Beginning in 2014, the Campaign was a monumental undertaking that would push the boundaries of fundraising possibilities in Alaska. For the last five years, Jo’s dedicated engagement and tireless fundraising efforts have never wavered. She opened her home to events, volunteered her time to meetings and strategy sessions and promoted the Campaign every chance she was provided. ACF could not ask for a better advocate.

In 2018, all the hard work paid off. After five years of volunteered time and effort, the Campaign reached its goal of $100 million in philanthropic funds to support our state for generations to come. There is no expression of gratitude or thanks that can wholly represent ACF’s appreciation for Jo’s generous contributions to ACF and Alaska.

The essential part of Jo’s contribution to the Campaign was her commitment and belief in the cause. The funding generated by $100 million in endowed funds will make a tremendous impact on the lives of Alaskans across the state. One of the things Jo’s leadership proved is that above and beyond any monetary gift, one person with conviction and a giving spirit can inspire communities to act. Jo’s contributions to ACF will change the lives of thousands of Alaskans now and in the future. We are honored Jo has chosen to work with The Alaska Community Foundation to achieve her vision for a better Alaska, and we will work tirelessly to help her realize those dreams just as she has done for so many others.

The Campaign for Alaska's Future was successfully completed in 2018

Thousands of Alaskans joined the Campaign for Alaska’s Future to help build a legacy of compassion and generosity. The funds raised will create lasting support for nonprofits and communities across the state.

This successful five-year $100 million Campaign to grow philanthropy in Alaska will address prevailing and emerging needs, and support programs and services that enrich Alaskans’ quality of life. As a public foundation for all of Alaska, ACF was created to keep revenue earned in the state here to ensure communities can create sustainable and locally guided growth and improvements.

A significant number of the donations to the Campaign were contributions from generous donors who have included ACF in their wills and estate plans. The real success of this Campaign is in launching this method of long-term impact and support to benefit our communities. Once realized, these gifts will support annual grant opportunities for nonprofits and other charitable organizations in perpetuity.

Grantee Highlights


Elmer and Ruth Schwantes Fund

The plight of homelessness has many paths. With the onset of a natural disaster, a misstep on the ice, or a broken-down vehicle, a seemingly secure life can unravel to the street. In 2018 alone, 2,016 families experienced homelessness in Alaska, 629 of those included children under the age of 18. Rural Alaska Community Action Program (RurAL CAP) is working to make a difference, one family at a time, with the Safe Harbor Muldoon Project.

Elmer and Ruth Schwantes Fund

The plight of homelessness has many paths. With the onset of a natural disaster, a misstep on the ice, or a broken-down vehicle, a seemingly secure life can unravel to the street. In 2018 alone, 2,016 families experienced homelessness in Alaska, 629 of those included children under the age of 18. Rural Alaska Community Action Program (RurAL CAP) is working to make a difference, one family at a time, with the Safe Harbor Muldoon Project.

RurAL CAP received a grant from ACF of $4,000 to fund the project in 2018. With this nominal grant, the project was able to move 15 families (20 adults and 25 children) from camps and shelters to transitional housing. The end goal is to create long-term stability so children can attend school and parents can find employment and connectivity in a supportive community. For families in desperate need of stability, shelter is not the only missing piece. In this program, participating families receive behavioral health and employment services, childcare, and case management to help them move forward and maintain permanent housing. 

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the need, but the security and confidence that comes from safe and comfortable housing is the first step to long-term change. Seventy percent of Safe Harbor families moved from transitional to permanent housing from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018. 

Investing in comprehensive support services like the Safe Harbor Muldoon Project provides can reduce the burden on emergency services to carry the cost and resources to help those in need. When the onus is put on emergency services to take care of those struggling with homelessness, it can cost cities, on average, $9,000 a year per person. Imagine the impact $9,000 could have on programs that work to help families get off the street and find stability and permanence. Together we can end homelessness in Alaska. Contact RurAL CAP or ACF to find out how you can contribute

Recognizing Corporate Philanthropy

BP Employee Charitable Fund

In 2018, BP Alaska opened the BP Employee Charitable Fund. The fund was set up to allow employees to direct a corporate gift to local charities. Employees had the freedom to contribute to any charitable cause in Alaska. The impact was far-reaching, with each employee giving to nonprofits that reflected their passions.

BP Employee Charitable Fund

In 2018, BP Alaska opened the BP Employee Charitable Fund. The fund was set up to allow employees to direct a corporate gift to local charities. Employees had the freedom to contribute to any charitable cause in Alaska. The impact was far-reaching, with each employee giving to nonprofits that reflected their passions. 

Thanks to nineteen employees, Alaska Amateur Softball Association received $12,540. Four other donors gave Alaska Bully Rescue a total of $2,640. Just a few of the 273 nonprofits that received donations include: Abbott-O-Rabbit Little League, Alaska Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Alaska Farm Bureau, Arctic Amateur Radio Club, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Kluti-Kaah Head Start, and Irish Dance Academy of Alaska. In total, $334,630 was contributed to nonprofits across the state.

One of the remarkable things about the BP Employee Charitable Fund was the variety of causes it impacted. Grants from the fund captured a snapshot of Alaskan culture and customs. The nonprofits chosen represent all the causes near and dear to our friends and neighbors, and in that, we see the shared passions we have as Alaskans. For all our differences, there are so many things that connect us.

“Our employees live, work, play and importantly, give back in Alaska,” said BP Alaska President Janet Weiss. “The donations from this fund reflect how deeply connected our employees are to so many communities across Alaska.”

Our goal is to facilitate and connect people working together to support the causes that matter to them. There are many ways to support the organizations and causes that connect our communities and invigorate our daily lives. Working together, we can ensure that future generations continue to experience the unique and giving culture that makes Alaska remarkable.


Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund

The indelible mark of 2018 for many Southcentral Alaskans is undoubtedly the November 30th earthquake. Those affected will always remember where they were and what they were doing that chilly Friday at 8:29 a.m. Within an hour of the first tremor, The Alaska Community Foundation started texting, calling, and emailing community partners to build a unified response plan. With the help of Wells Fargo, Rasmuson Foundation, United Way of Anchorage, Salvation Army – Alaska Division, American Red Cross of Alaska, Mat-Su Health Foundation, United Way of Mat-Su, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and The Foraker Group, a plan quickly took shape.

Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund

The indelible mark of 2018 for many Southcentral Alaskans is undoubtedly the November 30th earthquake. Those affected will always remember where they were and what they were doing that chilly Friday at 8:29 a.m. Within an hour of the first tremor, The Alaska Community Foundation started texting, calling, and emailing community partners to build a unified response plan. With the help of Wells Fargo, Rasmuson Foundation, United Way of Anchorage, Salvation Army – Alaska Division, American Red Cross of Alaska, Mat-Su Health Foundation, United Way of Mat-Su, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and The Foraker Group, a plan quickly took shape.

Donations from Wells Fargo, Rasmuson Foundation, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska, United Way of Anchorage, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Knight Foundation, and individual donors from across Alaska and the country, helped grow the Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund. ACF’s partners worked to promote the fund, and The Foraker Group created a survey to assess the damage nonprofits had experienced to help focus grants where they would have the most significant overall impact. It was, indeed, a collective effort.

On December 27th, less than a month after the quake, the Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund granted out $110,000 to nineteen nonprofit organizations critical in supporting those in need with disaster recovery. Grants were also given to nonprofits with insufficient operational funds to repair the damage. On February 26th, nineteen more nonprofits received assistance. Some of the grantees include: Camp Fire Alaska (who offered free childcare for parents unable to take off work while schools remained closed), National Crisis Response Canines (who went to schools with their dogs to help kids feel safe back at school), and Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center (who needed help ensuring residents had a safe place to call home). In total, 38 nonprofits received $365,000.

In looking back at the earthquake, we are proud that through the stress and confusion, the giving spirit of Alaskans came shining through. It reminds us why we have such a strong belief in philanthropy. We know we are ready to face any challenge with the help of our partners and donors like you.

Scholarship Highlight

Giving for education

Sven and Lorraine Eriksson Alaska Scholarship

At its birth, The Alaska Community Foundation was created to share with future generations the hard-earned success of those that came here with a dream and found a home. It is this vision of leaving a legacy of generosity and opportunity that inspired Sven and Lorraine Eriksson to create the first scholarship at ACF in 1997. Since then, over forty young Alaskans have been given a chance to follow their dreams with the help of Sven and Lorraine.

Sven passed away peacefully on May 8, 2018, with family by his side. Lorraine and her son, Kurt, continue the tradition of giving. Together, they review each new application, looking for a deserving student to share the gifts of the life Lorraine and Sven built together.
With $239,690 in scholarships awarded since 1997, the far-reaching impact of this scholarship has the power to improve the lives of students and their families for generations. We want to thank this generous family who, for over two decades, has made a difference in the lives of so many Alaskans.

We spoke with the scholarship’s most recent recipient, Madeline Andriesen, about what receiving the award has meant to her and her post-graduate plans.


Madeline Andriesen

I grew up in rural Alaska and graduated from Haines High school in 2017. I had a passion for music in addition to other interests but was unsure of what I wanted to study or what school I wanted to attend.

Madeline Andriesen

I grew up in rural Alaska and graduated from Haines High school in 2017. I had a passion for music in addition to other interests but was unsure of what I wanted to study or what school I wanted to attend. It was a busy school year filled with applying to multiple schools and scholarships. Like many students who grew up in Alaska, I thought of spreading my wings and going to college out of state. However, when I looked at my options, I realized that the colleges in Alaska had a lot to offer and that I would be able to explore many different options in my own state. In reading about the various scholarships provided by ACF, I was inspired by the love shown for the Alaskan community.
I found The Alaska Community Foundation through my school counselor who recommended ACF as a resource for scholarships focused on assisting Alaskan students. I knew no matter what I chose as a major, I would want to advance to masters and doctorate programs and scholarships like the ones offered through ACF would help me go further in my education.

I decided to follow my passion and start college as a music major. I applied for the Sven and Lorraine Eriksson Scholarship, which assists students pursuing music or engineering. A month after I graduated high school, I was notified by ACF that I had received the scholarship and was astounded by the generous amount. When I received the Eriksson Scholarship, I knew I had made the right choice to stay in Alaska.
I started at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and fell in love with the small, but talented music department. I declared a major in vocal performance early in my freshman year and decided I would continue to study at UAF mostly because of the incredible attention and learning environment UAF fosters.

I applied the next spring for the same scholarship, not expecting to receive it a second time, and was amazed by the honor of being chosen again. The awards I received are essential to my family and are the reason I can attend college at UAF. Since my first year of college, I have added a second major in music education and taken over 19 credits each semester. With this heavy load, it would be challenging to have a job, attend classes, study, practice singing, and prepare for performances. The financial assistance allows me to focus solely on my studies and not worry about being able to afford a class. 

Receiving the Sven and Lorraine Eriksson Scholarship feels like such an honor. I so appreciate the support, and I am overwhelmed by the generosity of this scholarship. I am so grateful for the opportunities ACF and so many generous Alaskans give to students. It does not matter if a scholarship is $1,000 or $100; every amount is important. Even a small scholarship can change the life of a student and open up opportunities that can make the unreachable a reality.

Staying in Alaska and attending UAF has made me appreciate the diversity of the state and its people. My love of Alaska has grown even more, and I hope to be a teacher here someday to pass on what I have learned to the next generation.

affiliate Highlight

Growing community connection

Affiliate Program Community Highlight – Kenai Peninsula Foundation

The original inhabitants of the Kenai Peninsula were the Kahtnuht’ ana Dena’ina, translated as, People Along the Kahtnu (Kenai River). They called the peninsula Yaghanen, the good land. This gorgeous stretch of ground continues to give back to its occupants, and in turn, these descendants of the original Dena’ina and those of the more recent pioneers, fishers, and loggers, share the fruits of their labor and the gifts of the land.

Affiliate Program Community Highlight – Kenai Peninsula Foundation

The original inhabitants of the Kenai Peninsula were the Kahtnuht’ ana Dena’ina, translated as, People Along the Kahtnu (Kenai River). They called the peninsula Yaghanen, the good land. This gorgeous stretch of ground continues to give back to its occupants, and in turn, these descendants of the original Dena’ina and those of the more recent pioneers, fishers, and loggers, share the fruits of their labor and the gifts of the land. 

In 2018, the Kenai Peninsula Foundation awarded $21,417 in grants. Of the twenty-two grants, five focused on sharing and cultivating healthy food options in the region. The grantees include: Kenai Soil and Water Conservation District’s Farm to Food Bank Project, Kenai United Methodist Church’s Food Pantry, Bridges Community Resource Network’s, Harvest Moon Local Food Festival 2018, Sterling Area Senior Citizens’ Raised Garden Bed Project, and Hope Community Resources’ Community Garden Expansion. These grants focused on the positive, creating a place to showcase locally made and grown food, establishing community gardens that support and encourage healthy eating, and finding ways to get food to those in need.

The purpose of the Affiliate Program at ACF is to grow local giving and encourage communities to address the needs and opportunities unique to their population. Local advisory boards decide where grant dollars will best serve their community and ensure projects have the best possible outcomes. Kenai Peninsula Foundation is a wonderful example of how this model works to empower communities at a local level to assist the people who need it most. 

In the Kenai Peninsula Borough, 10.2% of the population lives in poverty, with one in eight going hungry. The Kenai Peninsula Food Bank reported that in 2018, 780 households comprised of 1,889 people came in each month to access services. These statistics may not be unique to the area, but through local effort, solutions are developed and implemented in a way that impacts people in need who live in the Central Kenai Peninsula. 

With so much still to do, the Kenai Peninsula Foundation is working to make a brighter future for the Kenai Peninsula by supporting long-term solutions to today’s problems and showing support to the people and the land that make it home.

2018 numbers and statewide impact

2018 Donors to funds at The Alaska Community Foundation

2018 Donors
Rick Abbott and Hope Wing
ABR, Inc
Judith Acarregui
Cynthia Adams
Robert and Lynda Adams
Toni and Larry Adams
Robert and Aleta Adkins
Afognak Native Corp
Tam Agosti-Gisler and Hans Gisler
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Alaska Children’s Trust
Alaska Chilkoot Bear Foundation
Alaska Family Services
Alaska Historical Society
Alaska Humanities Forum
Alaska Medicine & Endoscopy
Alaska Mountaineering School, LLC
Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association
Alaska Raptor Center
Alaska Rock Garden Society
Alaska SeaLife Center
Alaska Speedskating Club
Alaska Veterans Museum
Alaska Wild Harvest LLC
Alaska Wildsides, Inc.
Lisa Albert-Konecky
James Alborough and Sarah Posey
Taralee Alcock
Judy Alderson and Daryl Miller
All for Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic
Cynthia Allen and Russell Lyman
Jennifer Allen
Lauren and David Allen
Catherine Allgood-Mellema
Alpine Design & Building LLC
Alfred Alteneder
Barry and Joan Altenhof
Alfred Alteneder
E. R. and Nancy Ambrose
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
American Seafoods Company, LLC
Akewamahovi T. Amosu
James C. Anderson
Linda Anderson and Stephen G. Frank
Margaret Anderson
Mark and Andria Anderson
Nancy and Brandon Anderson
Stosh and Claudia Anderson
Mark Andrews and Cheryl Keepers
Judi Andrijanoff
Sophia Armstrong
Teri and Charles Arnold
Melissa Aronson
Charlie and Judy Arteaga
Hugh and Liz Ashlock
Associated Student Body (Petersburg School District)
Anna and Shane Atchison
Miki Atkins
Atwood Foundation
James Au
Harry and Erin Aulman
Dawn Austerman
Ginny and Alan Austerman
Tessa and Paul Axelson
Callie Bacon
Crystal and Al Badgley
Becky Baird and Family
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Gerard Ballanco
Marcia Bandy
William M. Bankston and Frances Talbott
Pamela Barbeau
Barnes & Noble
Thomas and Sheila Barrett
Maura Barry-Garland and Ronald Barry
Tamara Bass
Mark Battaion and Kristin Hathhorn
Bauer Construction, Inc
Gary and Barbara Baugh
Alexandra and Lyle Becker
Becky’s Place Haven of Hope
Lisa and Milton Behr
Susan Belhke Foley and Richard Foley
Bert and Becky Bell
Patricia Benjamin
Marcie and Dan Bentti
William and Joyce Bergmann
Ethan Berkowitz and Mara Kimmel
Andrew Berntson
Anissa Berry
Nancy Bertino
Beta Sigma Phi Chapter 6939
Charles Bettisworth and Karen Perdue
Betty Eliason Child Care Center
Walter Betz
Julia Bevins
Raj and Manju Bhargava
Anne Biberman and Terry Duszynski
Janet and Gregory Bidwell
Gregg Bigsby and Beth MacCready
Veronica Bilenkin
Charles Bingham
Sarah Birdsall
William Birdsall
Jonathan Birdsong
Herb Bischoff and Jackie Schakel
Dr. Deena and Bill Bishop
Geneva Bishop
North Bishop
Thomas Black
John and Susan Blackmon
Bernell and John Blaine
Scott Blair
Patricia D. Blank
James B. Blasingame
B-Line Construction
Richard L. Block
Meghaan Blomberg
Sally Boisvert and Rafe McGuire
Kate and Stan Boor
Gary and Beatrice Boslough
Mike Bourdukofsky
Judith Bowersox
Curtis Boyd
Roger and Leslie Boyd
Mollie Boyer
Deena Bradley
Timothy and Abby Bradley
Brainspace Creative
Harvey and Kathleen Brandt
Patricia Branson and Gordon Gould
Rick Braun
Melissa and James Brazeau
James and Lani Brennan
Cathy Brenner
Hannah Brewster and Nathan Kasukonis
Bridges Community Resources Network, Inc.
Alec Brindle Jr.
Alec Brindle Sr.
Deborah Brocke and Jeff Robinson
Grace Brooks and Charlie Morgan
Karen and Charles Brophy
William and Judi Broste
Alan Brown
Robert and Karen Brown
Thomas and Susan Brown
James and Tammy Bruce
Christa Bruce-Kotrc
Sigrid Brudie and Jay Marvin
Janet and Phil Bruen
Mary Bruen
James Brune
Sean Bryant
Jeff Budd
Sam and Linda Bunge
Betsy Burdett
James and Sally Burkholder
Jennifer and Mike Burkmire
Todd and Dane Burleson
Marsha Burns and Lynn Highland
Steven and Desiree Burrell
Richard K. Burroughs
Florence Busch
Lisa Busch and Davey Lubin
Leo Bustad and Jeanne Davis
Cindy Buxton and Russ White
Christopher Byrd
Clara Cabal and Jose Suarez-Lariot
Liz Cabrera and Jeff Rice
Calais Company
Beverly Caldwell
Sarah Callaghan Chapell and Richard Chapell
Tessa Calvin
Judy Caminer and Roger Marks
C. Keith and Jacqueline Campbell
Norman and Toby Campbell
Holly Cannon
Kurt Carlson
Megan Carlson
Dawn and Gavin Carmichael
Jacqueline Carr and Shawn Beck
Stan and Gretchen Carrick
Stephen and Rachelle Carter
Sky Carver
Carey Case
Barbara and Larry Cash
Charles and Robyn Cassidy
Catholic Social Services
Walter and Grace Caviness
Michael and Marna Cessnun
Delynne Chambers
June Champlin
Grace and Tom Chang
Emily Chapel
Dylan Chapell
Lucia Chapell
Richard Chapell and Sara Callaghan Chape
Sally Chapell
Anthony Blue Charoensook
Chenega Corporation
Suzanne Cherot
Patricia Chesbro
Morgan Christen and Jim Torgerson
Sharilyn Christiansen-Hoon and Joseph Hoon
John Christopher and Sarah Andrews
Chugiak-Eagle River Nordic Ski Club
Nicole Cinocco
Matt Claman and Lisa Rieger
Bess Clark
James Clark
Paul Clark
Kyle Clayton
Kathleen Clements
Cindy and Raymond Clock
Tania Clucas
Coastal Real Estate Group
Wayne and Roxanne Cobb
Alice Coen
Marshall Cogdill
Kerry and Gershon Cohen
Emily Cohn
Dale and Mary Collins
Richard and Bonnie Collins
Community Connections
Steve and Karen Compton
Marilyn Connor
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.
ConocoPhillips Matching Gift Program
Constantine Mining LLC
Michael and Sharon Cook
Cook Inlet Region, Inc.
Donald and Karen Cornelius
Trisha Costello
Lamar Cotten and Betsy Baker
Jeremy Counceller
Carolyn and Bob Covington
Angela S. Cox
Rowan Craft
Donald H. Crandall
Elizabeth A. Cravalho
Kathleen M. Cronen
Patrick Cronin and Maria Hansen-Cronin
Stephanie Cronin
Cathy and Douglas Cronlund
Helen Croom
Anthony Crupi
Bradley Cruz and Barbara Norton
Dana and Dave Cruz
Erin Cunningham
Clyde and Jean Curry
Julianne Curry
Lisa Curtis
Margaret and Jason Custer
Mary and James Dahl
Tor Daley and Pamela Bassett
Anna Dalton
Camilla and Mark Dalton
Dancing Leaf Gallery
Denali L. Daniels
Lois Daubney
Lori and Trent Davey
Emily Davies and Tony DeGange
Dave and Lola Davis
Deborah R. Davis
Mike Davis
Wendy Davis
Davis Realty
Joshua De la Cruz
Debenham Properties
John and Nancy Decherney
Tom and Ann DeLong
Kaitlin Demarcus
Denali Alaska Federal Credit Union
Denali Chapter National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century
Carole Denkinger
Robin E. Dern and Michael J. Frieser
David and Cynthia Devlin
Jerry Dewhurst
Charles and Toni Dewitt
Don Dewitt
Susan Deyoe and Jeff Lebegue
John and Susan Dickinson
Emma Rose Dieter
Karen Dillman
Dorte Dissing
Cynthia Divino
Scott Doddridge
Dave and Michele Dodds
Barbara Donatelli
Shannon Brunner Donley
James Dorn
Jennifer Dougherty
Wren Dougherty
Doyon Utilities
Linda and Michael Drinen
Kristine Drumm
Barbara Dubovich
Richard and Katherine Dunning
Rene Durazzo and Pat Christen
Cara Durr
Sean Dusek
E Margaret Brummel Restated Revocable Living Trust
James Eakes
Paula Earp and Matt Irinaga
Barbara Easterbrook
Edward Jones – Anchorage
Brent and Valerie Edwards
Harriet Edwards
Scott and Iwona Edwards
Ann Nora Ehret
Heidi Ekstrand
Ivy Elliot
Tim Ellis
Thomas Ely
Janet Eng
Bruce Erickson
Susan and Jeff Erickson
Kathryn Ernst
Rebekka Esbjornson
Cecelia Esparza
William R. and Susan Eubanks
Leslie Evenden
Judy Everard
Judith A. Ewald
ExxonMobil Alaska
Fairbanks Community Food Bank
Fairbanks Curling Lions
Fairbanks Youth Advocates
Sandra Farris
Harold and Susan Faust
Greg and Peggy Favretto
Ken Fay
Diane Fejes
John Felming
Melody Feniks
Christina Fenner
Tom and Patricia Fink
Natalie Finn
First Bank
First National Bank Alaska
Vic Fischer and Jane Angvik
Kevin FitzGerald
Patrick Fitzgerald
William and Ute Fitzgerald
Johnathan and Christina Fitzgibbons
Jerry and Sue Fleming
Kathleen Fleming
Robbie Fleming
Charles and Susan Flint
Holli and Casey Flint
Heather Flynn
Allison and Joseph Fong
Thomas Fong
Olga S. Fontaine
H. Ryan Fortson
Fosselman & Associates, CPAS, Inc.
Kevin and Margaret Foster
William Foster
Sofia Fouquet
James and Kathy Fredrickson
Pauline Fredrickson
Jill Fredston and Doug Fesler
Chuck Freeman
Robert and Gail French
Dr. Ron Fribush and Donna Miller
Friends of Campbell Creek Science Center
Friends of Dick Proenneke and Lake Clark National Park
Friends of the Talkeetna Library
Ephraim Froehlich
Lynn Fuller
Suzanne Fuqua and Jeffrey Robinson
Penny Gage
Bruce and Sharon Gagnon
Susan Gainey
Brit and Jerrod Galanin
Pirie Gall & Family
Lesley Gallego
Joan Galt
Patrick Galvin
Ashlyn Ganey
Brinley Ganey
Kaeden Ganey
Melissa Ganey
Tom and Carolyn Ganner
Debora Gardner
Daniel Garrett
Glenn Gellert and Wendy Long Gellert
Kathy and Daniel Gensel
Bob and Becky Gerik
GHEMM Company, Inc.
Brianna Gibbs
Patricia and Ron Gibbs
Sally Gibert
Virgil Gilbert
Twyla Gingrich
John Girt
Clara Glotfelty
Charlotte Glover and David Kiffer
William Goodale
Gregory and Carole Goodman
Carol Gore
Diane D. Gore
Chelsea Goucher
Lowell and Susan Grabel
Carolyn Grabowski
Kathleen Grace
Gary Graham
Madeleine Grant and Doug Miller
Patricia Grantham and Matthew Holmes
James Graupmann and Diane Ziegner
Deborah Gravel and Peter Dwyer
Carlin Graveline
Joy Graves
Kevin and Dawn Gray
Steve and Mary Gray
Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce
Serena Green
Nanette Greenlee
Fred and Carol Gregory
Clifford Groh II
Alan and Monica Gross
Carol Gross
Eric Grundberg
Karen Grussendorf
Maureen Gualtieri
Mardell Gunn and Diz Kistler
June Haas
Adam Hackett
Phyllis Hackett
Amy C. Haddow
Dr. Peter and Katie Haeussler
Haines Education Association
Bob and Leslie Hajdukovich
Athena Haley
Thomas and Sally Hall
Tiffany Hall
Melayna Halvorsen
Barbara Hames
Brian Hames
Roger and Mary Hames
Tamara Hamler
C.P. Hample
Marguerite Anne Haney
John Hanly
Vincent and Jansy Hansen
Sandra S. Hanson
Anne Hanssen
Tracie and Trevor Harang
Edward Hardwick
Paulla Hardy
Heather and Joshua Harris
Lea Harris
Thomas and Katherine Harrison
Thomas Hart
Wendy Harter
Grace Hasibar
Marcia and Douglas Hastings
Elizabeth Hatton
George and Aase Haugen
John and Mona Havelock
Susan Hawthorne and Adel Johnson
Edward and Yuko Hays
Carol and Bruce Hazeltine
Jeffrey and Terri Hazlewood
William J. Hearn Jr.
Andrew Hedden
Bonnie Hedrick
Lisa Heffernan
Sylvia Heinz
Kristi Helgen
Kristi Helgen and Conor Gilligan
Dorothy Helm
Cynthia Hendel
Rebecca and Todd Henderson
Royal Henderson
Mark Hendsbee
Joshua Henrick
Lee Henrikson and Michael Chmielewski
Alissa Henry
Robyn Henry
Kurt Hensel
Abbe and Willie Hensley
Carrie Henson
John and Kristina Hentges
Andrea Hernandez
Joanne Heron
Duane and Diane Heverling
Elizabeth and Tom Heywood
Leslie and Melva Hiatt
Hickel Investment Company
Roger and Cecelia Higley
Emma Hill
Rebecca Himschoot
L. Warren and Mary Hines
Eleanor Hoag
Patricia J. Hoffman
Lynn Hohl
Tuula Hollmen
Dorothy R Holm
Claudia Holmes
Kathryn Holmes and Timothy Shields
Ramona Holmes
Susan and Don Holmes
Joseph and Cheryl Homme
Selena Hopkins-Kendall
Stacey Hopner
Steve Hoppel
Horan & Company, LLC
Lorrie and Morris Horning
Beth and Cliff Howard
James and Rhonda Hubbard
Caroline Hudnall
Douglas and Arlene Hudson
Laurie and Karsten Hueffer
Norman Hughes
Dr. Ron Huitger
Holly Hunter
Matthew C. Hunter
Robert Jr. and Kimberley Hunter
Sharon and Brad Hunter
Leon Huntington
Richard and Betty Hunze
Teresa and Larry Hura
Jessica Ieremia
Chidi and Lucia Igbokwe
Ronald K. Inouye
Interior Graphics & Printing
Katherine Irons
Babbie and Ian Jacobs
Babbie Jacobs
Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching
Caitlin Jacobson
Judy and Terry Jacobson
William E. Jacobson
Jaffa Construction, Inc
Sara Jansen and Randy Jones
Japan Alaska Association
Rose Jenne and Robin Rivers
Charles Jennings
Darlene Jens
Robert Jens
Jermain, Dunnagan & Owens, P.C.
Dale and Rose Jeske
Asher Jimenez
Carlos and Sierra Jimenez
Hayden Jimenez
Sierra Jimenez
Joanne V Sedgwick Living Trust
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Barb and Steve Johnson
Beth and Mike Johnson
Craig and Terrie Johnson
Joni Johnson
Marlys Johnson
Michael Johnson
Sue Johnson
Allan and Jennifer Johnston
Jay Johnston and Stephanie Love
William Joiner and Linda I. Van Houten
Ted and Carolyn Jolley
Dan and Karen Jones
Karen and Jim Jordan
Jan Joseph
Jumper, Inc.
Anna and Jim Jurgeleit
K&D Fisheries, LLC
K&M Fisheries, Inc.
Mollie Kabler
William and Angela Kaltschnee
Monica Kane
Mark Kansteiner and Colleen Kelly
Diane Kaplan and Mel Sather
Pamela Karalunas
Karlson LLC Lighthouse Excursions
Kent Karns and Julie Hnilicka
Bob and Yael Kaufman
Beverly Kavanaugh
Marian Kaye Puffer
Kevin Keeler
Keene & Currall A Professional Corporation
Sarah and Keith Kehoe
James and Susan Kellard
Thomas Kelley
James and Christine Kelly
Debra and Chris Kemp
Nina Kemppel and Michael Smith
Roger and Mary Kemppel
Lesley and Jim Kempsell
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
Maeve Kendall
Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council
Ketchikan Wellness Coalition
Aimee Khuu
Janet Kidd and Jon Lindstrom
Drs. Phyllis and Royal Kiehl
Cynthia Kimbley
Allen and Tina King
Kingfisher Consulting LLC
David Kingsland
Charles Kinney
Jack Kinney
Johanna Kinney
Wayne and Barbara Kinunen
Jacob Kirkness
Kim Kirkness
Bernelie Kishaba Chong and Al Chong
Gretchen Klein
Cheré Klein Enright and Loren Enright
Dave Klenzendorf
Cynthia Klepaski
Gary and Jane Klopfer
Kluane to Chilkat International Bike to Relay Society
Nancy Knapp and Mark Gorman
Joyce Knight
Bruce Knofel
Kara Knox
Kip Knudson and Ms. Paula Conru
Kobuk Coffee
Alex Koch
Kodiak Kid Wrestling Club
Kodiak Rotary Club
Ralph Kolbeck
Gabriel and Laura Kompkoff
Koniag Inc.
Korean American Community of Anchorage
Alexander and Miriam Kotlarov
Ronald Kotrc
Chris Kowalczewski
Kozak & Associates, Inc.
Patty Krasnansky
Lisa Krebs
Mary C. Krusen
Jo Kuchle and Gene Therriault
Linda Kumin
Aaron S. Kusano and Emily Olsen
Pete LaFrance
Cynthia Lagoudakis and Bill Tremblay
Kathryn Lamal
Lori Landstrom
Jane and Steve Lanford
Herb and Marianne Lang
Amanda Larid
Darcie Larson
Ellen and Larry Larson
Mark and Elaine Larson
LaTouche Pediatrics LLC
Jessie Lavoie
Law Office of Brandon C. Marx
Law Office of Vivan Munson
Law Offices of Christy Lee, PC
David and Betsy Lawer
Rebecca Lean
Helen and Charles Leber
Nicole and Andrew Lee
Pauline Lee
Roxanne L. Lee
Leisnoi, Inc
Phillip Lende
Jason Leppi
Bailey Lespron
Hilda Lespron
Jake Lestenkof and Sherry Valentine
Sanna LeVan
Richard and Eileen Levinson
David and Susan Levy
Keith and Janice Levy
Cynthia and Warren Libby
Mike Liebing
Carol Ann Lindsey
Patricia and Robert Linville
Michael and Susan Litman
Diana and Phillip Livingston
Thomas and Janice Livingston
LMJ Consulting
Amanda Lofgren
George E. Long
Pamela Long
Peter and Margaret Long
Ronald E. Long
Ricardo Lopez
Victoria Lord
Dorene Lorenz
Ora Lew Lowery
Anne Lucas
Leon Luczak
Marlis Luke
John G. and John R. Lunn
Lutak Lumber and Supply
Monica and Jolund Luther
Mark Luttrell and Ann Ghicadus
Aftan L. Lynch
Lynn Canal Corporation
Barbro Lyon
Thomas Mack and Elias Rojas
Madison Lumber & Hardware, Inc
Israel Mahay
Marsha Mak
Antoinette and Byron Mallott
Michael Malvick
Rebecca Manley and Reno E. Deprey
David Mannheimer and Sharon Potts
Andrea and David Manning
Manning Family Foundation, Inc.
Christopher and Barbara Mannix
Jacob Mannix
Zachary Mannix
Elizabeth R. Mans
Marguerite Casey Foundation
David J. Marks
Deacon Steven and Marilyn Marques
Otis and Diane Marsh
Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC
Jordan Marshall
Blythe Marston and Gordon Pospisil
Brooke and Wilda Marston
Erin and Cheri Marston
John Deverick Martin
Philip and Jackie Martin
Julia A. Martinez
Zuleika Mason
Laura Mastrella and Martin Remund
Melissa and Kevin Mathews
Mat-Su Borough School District
Mat-Su Health Foundation
Mat-Su Sea Hawkers, Inc.
Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation
Barry and Karen Matteson
Marilyn May
Sheryl L. Mayo
Molly Mayo Wood and Michael Wood
Gerald and Jenifer Mcbeath
John and Carol McCabe
Molly McCammon
Christiana McCarthy- Smith
Llyod and Lorraine McCauley
Kevin McClear
Rich and Suzi McClear
Sue McClure
Erika McConnell
Whitman McConnell
William F. McCrossan
Karin McCullough
Dori McDannold
Robert McGimsey
Hope Mcgratty
John McGrew and Emilia Rusu
Thomas McGuire
Alexandra McKay and Christian Morgan
McKinley Capital Management, Inc.
Nicole McMurren
Toni McPherson
Bonnie and Bill Mehner
Bradford Meiklejohn
Karen Meizner and Russ Bowman
Scot and Rita Menzies
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services & Daimler Truck Financial
Barbara Mercer and Michael Halla
Jason and Shannon Metrokin
Jeff Meucci and Marilyn Menish-Meucci
Gregory Meyer
Connor Michael
Michael Marks
Ray and Jenny Michaelson
Diane Michalski
Jo and Peter Michalski
Matthew Michalski
Nathan Michalski
Tracy Mikowski
Michael Milam
Dick and Margot Miller
Judith Miller
Rob and Ardy Miller
Valorie Miller and Clifford Ford
Karen & Clark Milne
Richard and Grace Minder
Donald Mitchel
Charles Mitman
Dr. Peter Mjos and Karen Ruud
Michael Moeglein and Colleen Bridge
Monroe Foundation
Mike Monterusso
Carol Montgomery
J. and Valerie Moody
Erica Moore
Martha Jane Moore
Ted and Ginny Moore
Yuri and Sydney Morgan
Maille Moriarty
Michael and Maya Moriarty
Michael Moriarty
Lloyd and Joan Morris
Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center
Carolyn Moseley
Mountain Corporation dba Mountain Market
Diane and Mike Moxness
Linda Moyer
Mt. McKinley Lions Club
Ivory and Patrick Mulholland
Phil Munger
Municipal Light and Power
Nancy Munro
Vivian Munson
James Murphy
Steve and Judy Murphy
Museums Alaska
Jackie Musgrave
Sam and Doreece Mutch
Ann Myren and Tim McDonough
Todd Nagengast
National Center for Women & Information Technology University of Colorado
Tim Navarre
Hans and Anna Neidig
Joel and Jill Neimeyer
Emily Nelson
Lisa B. Nelson
Robert and Patty Nelson
Rick and Leslie Nerland
Jan and Thomas Newman
Bonnie J. Nichols and Michael J. Haggerty
Colleen Nicholson and Gayle Trivette
Nike Historical Society
Barbara and Douglas Norbeck
Margaret Nordale and Bob Schruf
Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks
Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage, Inc.
Beth and Jim Nordlund
Kristine Norosz
Tlisa and Scott Northcutt
Northrim Bank
Barbara Norton
Natalie Novik
John and B Lynn Nowak
Vern Nusunginya
Ellen O’Brien and Richard Smeriglio
Raylene and Michael O’Connor
Edward O’Connor
Nate and January O’Connor
Kathleen Odell
Maura and Joe Odell
Pamela Odom
Odom Corporation
Katherine O’Grady
Terence O’Hara and Fredericka Markscheffel
Dave N. Ohmer
Marjorie Oines
Old Harbor Native Corporation
Patrick and Karen O’Leary
Elizabeth Oliver
Declan Olsen
Niccole Olsen
Oskar Olsen
Bobbi and James Olson
Erine Fong Olson
Yngve Olsson
Heather and Dennis O’Neil
Dorothy and Dean Orbison
Rollie and Mary Ostermick
John Oswald
Marty Owen
Joe and Diane Owens
Jody Oyen
Connie and Kerry Ozer
Pacific Northwest Mechanical
Jenny Packer
Thomas and Victoria Packer
Anna Bernadette Paine
Rodger Painter
James A. Palmer and Sheila M. Arkell
Palmer Economic Development Authority Inc
Tom Panamaroff
Dana and David Paperman
Peter Partnow and Stephanie Kesler
Becky Patterson Bunde and Sen. Con Bunde
Suzanne Paulsen
Will and Mimi Peabody
Bill and Becky Pearson
John Peckham
Kurt Pedersen
Penny Pedersen and Dr. Andrew Pankow
Peninsula Sportsman’s Association
Sarah Penner
Debra Perala
Christopher Perez
Grete Lewis Perkins
Suzanne Perles
Roger Perry
Pet Pride of Alaska, Inc.
Petersburg Borough
Petersburg Consumers CO-OP
Gail Peterson
Matt Peterson and Mary DeMers
Rebecca Peterson
Will and Sally Peterson
Dr. Valerie Phelps and Peter Burke
Allan Phillips and Gloria O’Neill
Joanne M. Phillips-Nutter
Margaret Piggott
Arne R. Pihl and Molly O’Neill Pihl
Beau and Charity Pihlaja
Pete Pinney
Rocky Plotnick and Michael Singsaas
Sammye and Vincent Pokryfki
Pool Engineering
Mike and Bonnie Porcaro
David and Sondra Porter
Nate Porter and Cassalyn David
Kelsey J. Potdevin and Mike Bedinger
Thad and Sandy Poulson
Pat Pourchot and Jennifer Johnson
Judy and Elisha Powell
Nancy and William Powell
Richard and Kandi Powell
Pat and Betsy Preis
Kathryn Price
Maggie and Mike Price
Jay and Carolyn Pritchett
William Prittie
Michelle Putz
Adam and Denise Quick
Ann M. Quinlan
Jim and Kelly Quinlan
Thomas and Ann Quinlan
Radiation Billing Solutions, Inc
Robert Raichle
Leah and Mark Raine
Gary and Leslye Randall
Pamela Randles
Ed and Cathy Rasmuson
Rasmuson Foundation
Robert J. Ratcliffe
Carol Rea
Sara Rearick
James and Susan Reeves
Kimberly and Skip Reierson
Ronald Reierson
Judith Reis
Kim and Cameron Reitmeier
Ann Marie Rembert Safranek and Daniel J. Safranek
Jim Renkert
Mildred W. Renkert
Maria Rentz
Susan Rex
Keri Rheinfrank
Allison Rice and Joe Stratman
Byron and Judi Rice
Margaret and Leland Rich
Richard L and Diane M Block Foundation
Barbara and Norman Richards
David Ricke Jr.
Megan Riebe
Tara Riemer
Roberta Rinehart
Denise Ringhand
Elizabeth and C. Ed Ripley
Bob and Bobbie Ritchie
Shawn Rivera
Sarah Roark
Scott Roberge and Jane Smith
Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.
Debbie Roberts
James Roberts
Robin Roberts
Roger and Pamela Robinson
Thomas and RayeAnn Robinson
Angela Rodell
Benita Roehl
Roger Beasley Investments. LLC
Betty and Harry Rogers
Brian Rogers
Phyllis and Richard Rogers
Kris and Jeff Rognes
Daniel and Carol Rohr
Debbie Rohrer
Richard and Susan Rohrer
Alona and Robert Roiko
Ellen and David Rojcewicz
R. Greg Romack and Patti McGuire
Marilyn Romano and Brian Hove
Carole Romberg
Beth Rose and John Levy
Ronnie D. Rosenberg
Deborah and John Rosenfeld
Clare Ross
JoAnn Ross Cunningham and Steven Cunningham
Rotary Club of Fairbanks
William Rotecki and Loann Swanson
Nick Rothman
Rosemary A. Roulo
Jean Rounds-Riley and John Riley
Sue Royston
Jonathan Rubini and Clare Bertucio
Ronald and Nanette Rucker
Glenn Ruckhaus
Jess Rude
Paul and Sharon Rupple
John Jay Rush
Bernie and David Ruskin
Ken Russell and Laurel Devaney
Ruud-Mjos Family Trust
Anne Ryan
SAI Investments, LLC
Brian and Angela Salazar
Sharon and Jeff Samuels
Jeanne Sande
Mariko and Erin Sarafin
Linda and Walter Sargent
Kelly and Enrico Sassi
Kate Saunders
Carolyn Sayre and David Johnston
Sheldon and Jean Scarrott
Laurie Schaeffer
Connor Scher
Rick and Cheryl Schikora
Norm and Jane Schlittler
Andy and Jaime Schmidt
Debra Schnabel
Cici R. Schoenberger
Dr. Herb Schroeder
Laura Schue
Thomas and Mary Schulz
William and Katherine Schultz
Beverly Schupp and Marcus Miller
Krista Schwarting
Dan Schwartz
James and Leslie Schwartz
Andrea Scott
Glen and Marcia Scott
Paula Scott
William and Rosa Scouten
Thomasine Scovill and James Schnabel
Krista M. Scully
Christina Seay
Margaret Sebens
Jack and Sherry Sedwick
Aliza Segal
John Seigle
Tom and Dena Selby
Rita Selden
Linda Self
Wayne Selmer
Milena Sevigny
Seward Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
Seward Community Library
Seward Community Library Association, Inc.
Seward Senior Citizens, Inc.
Michael W. Sewright
David and Harriet Shaftel
Monica Shah and Gregg Schomaker
Lynn Shaver and Jim Stanley
Grant Shearer
Jill D. Shedd
Shee Atika’, Inc.
James Sheehan
Gov. Bill Sheffield
Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center
Robin Sherman and Rob Allen
Kathleen Sherwood
Ken and Elizabeth Sherwood
Brian Shimek
Phyllis Shoemaker
Shoreside Petroleum, Inc.
Beverly Sierks
Susan Signor
Preston Simmons
Geri and Keel Simon
Simon Paneak Memorial Museum
Jeffrey Sinz and Heather Arnett
Connie Sipe
Thomas Sisul
Sitka Local Foods Network
Sitka Rotary Club
Sitka Vision Clinic
Amy Skilbred
Michele and Cory Skoog
Alexander H. Slivka
Pamela Sloper
Kate and Dave Slyker
Audrey Smith
Betsy and Chad Smith
Blaine Smith
Bridget Smith and James Asper
Douglas Smith and Ellen Wolf
Gary Smith
Jean and Ronald Smith
Julia Smith
Linda Smith and Keith Mahler
Tammie Smith Scott and Pete Scott
Gary Snyder
Joan M. Snyder
Sockeye Cycle Co
Karen Sokal
Southeast Alaska Independent Living
Kally Spalinger
Elizabeth Spangler
Melody Spangler-Hatch and Arne Hatch
Mark Spano
Thomas Spencer
Diane Squaresky
John M. Sroufe and Diane Disanto
Jacqueline St. Clair
Katie and Matt St. John
St. Philips Catholic Sodality
Kristene Stanford
Ann Starkey
Connie and Ray Staska
Randall and Christina Stauffer
Larry and Patty Stavish
Stan and Janice Steadman
Scott and Pam Steffes
Deirde Steinbrueck
Gary and Rita Stevens
Rita Stevens
Mary Anita Stickler
Faye and Christopher Stiehm
Barbara Stiles
Holly K. Stinson
Sandra Stolle
Brittany and Josh Stone
Becky and Mark Stoppa
Shaylyn Storms
Libby and William Stortz
Aldeana Stout
Walter & Silvia Streit
Kimberly Strong
Ruthie Strong
James and Adona Struve
Carol and Roe Sturgulewski
Fred and Laurel Stutzer
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel Sullivan and Julie Fate Sullivan
Sunshine Community Health Center Inc.
Sunshine Custom Promotions, LLC
Anne Sutton and Gordon Sandy
John and Sharon Svenson
Chris and Mary Ann Swalling
Dennis Swanson and Nancy Mckay
Marc Swanson
Teresa and Robert Swanson
Carol Swartz and Robert Cole
David Sweetman
Brit Szymoniak
Taiga Mining Company
Bruce Talbot
Talkeetna Air Taxi
Talkeetna Bachelor Society, Inc.
Jen and Clint Talley
Carole and James Tallman
Tanana-Yukon Historical Society
Phyllis Tate
Tatsuda’s IGA
Audrey Taylor and Morgan & Soleil Stanton
Richard Tero
Andy Teuber and Natasha Kutchick
The Annie E Casey Foundation Center for Economic Opportunity
The Carr Foundation
The Foraker Group
The Ford Foundation
The Frances & David Rose Foundation
The GoodCoin Foundation
The James Kenworthy Living Trust
The Johnson Alaska Community Property Trust
The Landing Hotel
The Roundtable Center for Mediation & Community Dialog
The Seattle Foundation
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
William Theuer
Doris and S. E. Thomas
Elaine Thomas and Dale Bingham
Carol Thomassen
Herman and Marjorie Thompson
Thomas L. Thompson
Shauna Thornton
Nancy Tietje
Larry and Catherine Tillotson
Pat and Sally Tilton
Tim Aker Scholarship Fund
Dr. Tina R. Tomsen
Tongass Trading Company
Thomas Tougas
Aleesha Towns-Bain and Cameron Bain
Donna and Bill Trainor
Alan Traut
Eric Troyer and Corrine Leistikow
Timothy and Marie Trueblood
Kathleen and James Trump
Nancy Trump
Emil Tucker and Carin Christensen
Lane Tucker and Liz Perry
Rodger and Francilla Tuenge
Turkey Red LLC
Tom Turner
Turtles, Inc.
Carol E. Tuynman
Breianne Tyler
Ethan and Margaret Tyler
Tyler Rental Inc.
Fran Ulmer
Michael and Jessica Ulroan
United Methodist Women of the Alaska United Methodist Conference
United Way of the Tanana Valley
Usibelli Foundation
Charles Utermohle
David and Rebecca Valentine
William and Mary Jane Valentine
Daniel Van Vleet
Tracy Vanairsdale
Deborah Vaughan
Michael and Tonya Venneberg
Beth Verrelli
Victory Ministries of Alaska
Laura Vogel and Shane Worden
Linda Vojtech
Craig Vugteveen
Greg and Jeanette Wakefield
Daniel and Madelyn Walker
Gov. Bill and Donna Walker
Karako Walker and Harold Hughes
Madelyn Walker
Sheila Walker
Allison Wall
Rachel Wall
Amelia Walsh
Bridget and Richard Walsh
Sharen A. Walsh
Sophia Walsh
Wayne and Donna Walter
Betty Walters
John and Karin Wanamaker
Terral and Mary Wanzer
Doris Ward
Tomi Warren and Dave Moyse
Dorothy Webber
John Weddleton
Barbara Weil
Chris Weiss and Joe Teter
Joe Welch and Melissa Head
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
Katherine and Thoms Wendel
Ral West and John Hardwick
Bonnie Westlund and Patrick Sullivan
Leslie Westphal
Emily Wezenberg
Marina Whitacre
Robert Whitecar
White’s Inc.
George Whitman
Richard and Sally Wien
Mark and Diane Wiggin
Sharon C. Wikan
Andrew and Julie Wilder
Williams, Inc. Alaskan Proud Market
Donald and Melinda Wilson
Jeffrey and Stacie Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Kristen Winn
Theresa Wirak
Mark and Margelaine Wisthoff
John and Tina Witteveen
Tonja and Mark Woelber
Alan and Rose Wolf
Tom Wolf
Elizabeth Wolfe and Philip Reeves
James and Carol Hogins-Wolfe
Sam and Meyoung Wolfe
Glorianne Wollen
George and Susan Wood
Hilary Wood and Matt Lichtenstein
Ruth Wood and John Strasenburgh
Madeline Woodard
Helen Woodings
Kalani Woodlock
Brian Woolley
Mark P. Worcester
Helen Worrell
Frank Yadon
Stephanie Yard and Ted Cornutt
Janel R. Yeaw
Joan and Richard Yospin
Chris and Ken Zafren
Sarah Zerkel and Eric Francisco
Zhongping Zhang Yu Yu
Cindy Zmuda
Zudy’s Cafe
Mark Zwolinski
Total Donors (Breaking up Couples)
Includes donations made by agencies to their own funds

Donor list represents donations made to one of The Alaska Community Foundation’s 537 funds. Donations may represent contributions made by Agency fundholders and Donor Advised fundholders to their agency endowment fund or individual funds.