Stefanie O’Brien
Senior Program Officer of Grants and Scholarships

Direct: 907-274-6710
Main: 907-334-6700

Stefanie was born and raised in Alaska. She grew up in Fairbanks but moved to Anchorage in 2005 to be warmer. In 2007 Stefanie met and married her husband with whom she has three lovely children. Some of her favorite activities are playing at local parks, sipping Kaladi coffee while on dates with her husband, learning more about her husband and children’s Aleut heritage and cheering on her kids during baseball games, gymnastics, snowboarding, etc.

Her professional background is in non-profits, primarily focused around early childhood, youth, and families. She has been everything from a Preschool Teacher, to an Executive Director. Her heart and passions lie in the hope that the people of Alaska feel supported in times of need and have access to the help they need.

Here at ACF, she is the Program Officer of Grants and Scholarships. In describing her job, she said, “I have the privilege of speaking with non-profits about various projects and connect them to our available grants, and possibly other grants that may fund their project. I also have the honor of working with scholarship committees that provide opportunities for Alaska’s students to continue their education after high school.

As I read every proposal from non-profits and every essay from a student, you will find me with tears rolling down my cheeks or goosebumps on my arms. My motto is, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”—direct from Mary Poppins herself.
Even though bad days will come, there is joy and blessings every day, knowing that I am helping make a positive impact in my wonderful home state.”