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Katie St. John
VP of Programs & Grants
(Interim VP of Philanthropy & Communications)

Direct: 907-249-6617
Main: 907-334-6700

Originally from Petaluma, California, Katie fell in the love with Alaska while visiting and moved to Denali for summer work after graduating high school. Upon graduating from college, she moved to Kodiak where she worked at a nonprofit museum. This work, along with serving on a number of boards, afforded her the opportunity to understand the importance of the nonprofit sector in actively creating the type of community that is a gift to future generations.

As the VP of Programs & Grants at ACF, Katie gets to support the important work being done in a huge variety of causes to better Alaska now and for the future. She is inspired daily by both the thoughtfulness that donors exhibit in their gifts and the amazing passion and dedication that nonprofits show in supporting our community and its members. Katie notes, “ACF shows how people can convene and work together to address issues that affect their community. Local donors give to support causes, local nonprofits efficiently address diverse needs, and we all benefit. It is an elegant system that is a beautiful expression of community.”

Philanthropic Interests:

  • Community Development
  • Social Justice
  • Youth