Christina Fenner
Director of Communications & Marketing

Phone: 907-274-6707

Christina’s Alaskan story is like many that came before her. After moving to Homer, AK, from Brooklyn, NY, in 2011, the beauty of the landscape and the incredible people she met turned a summer-long stay into a lifelong home.

Serving on a number of boards, including the Bunnell Street Art Center and Friends of the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum, allowed her to understand the importance of the nonprofit sector and its ability to impact communities now and in the future. Christina began working full-time in nonprofit at the Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation in Juneau in 2014.

As Senior Communications Manager at ACF, Christina supports the vital work to improve Alaska. She is inspired daily by both the thoughtfulness that donors exhibit in their gifts and the incredible passion and dedication that nonprofits show in supporting our community and its members. Christina notes, “It is a privilege to use my artistic talents and creativity to make the world a better place. I aspire to offer each place I work and volunteer the ability to communicate and accomplish their mission through visual content marketing, cohesive branding, and strong community partners.”

Christina studied fine art and art history at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Reed College in Portland, OR. When not working at ACF, Christina has a full-time art practice creating fine art for galleries across the state.