In 2014, Anchorage joined the Welcoming Cities project, a collection of cities from across the United States that recognizes the economic, cultural and social contributions that immigrants and refugees make to our communities. Building on this network, Welcoming Anchorage is a collaboration between the Municipality of Anchorage, local businesses and organizations and the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation that strives to reinforce Anchorage as a place proud of our heritage and poised to position ourselves as a globally competitive, culturally vibrant, 21st century community. Equitable access is one of the five pillars of Welcoming Anchorage. At present, equitable access to disaster preparedness information is not the norm–there is a demonstrated need for improved access to emergency preparedness information, training, and tangible resources for all residents regardless of their economic level, linguistic background, geographical location or resident status.

Your support will allow Welcoming Anchorage, in partnership with the Governor’s Office, Alaska Division of Homeland Security, MOA Office of Emergency Management, and MOA Dept. of Health and Human Services, to build disaster resilience in vulnerable communities by offering ten emergency preparedness workshops for limited English proficient individuals in Anchorage from different linguistic backgrounds. Workshop participants will become more resilient in the face of natural and human-made disasters by having access to culturally and linguistically appropriate emergency preparedness materials, by making personalized plans for themselves and their families, and by connecting with other people in their community upon whom they can rely when/if a disaster occurs. A donation of $200 would allow us to purchase a portable scanner that will help participants scan important documents so that they have copies in the event of loss during a disaster. A donation of $500 would provide for translation of emergency preparedness materials for the workshops. A donation of $1000 would cover printing costs for emergency preparedness materials. A donation of $1500 would allow us to hire interpreters for the selected linguistic communities. A donation of $5000 will provide 500 emergency “go kits” for workshop participants. Thank you for your support–any amount will bring us one step closer to creating a more resilient Anchorage with equitable access to emergency preparedness resources.