Victims for Justice is a nonprofit that has assisted victims of violent crime and surviving family of homicide victims throughout Alaska since 1985. We provide crisis intervention, emergency financial assistance, court accompaniment and victim impact statement assistance, grief support services, Remembrance Ceremonies, education and referrals to other agencies.  We have two other programs, the Eva Program which provides financial assistance to survivors of domestic violence in order to help them start independent abuse free life and Courage through Canines, which provides a handler and dog team to accompany victims to police interviews, pretrial preparation with attorneys as well as during court proceedings to help mitigate the stress and fear.  We are always in need of more funds to assist victims.

We work hard to secure rights for victims and make sure they have a voice and have several new projects we’d like to get off the ground.  These projects have shown amazing success in other states, but have yet to be implemented in Alaska.  Trauma Informed Victim Interviews (TIVI) is one program that creates partnerships between victim advocacy organizations, prosecutors and law enforcement to help each understand the brain during trauma and works with them to provide more victim centered interview strategies which lesson the pressure on the victim and brings out a better testimony that will then enhance the case for prosecution.   This was implemented in Utah where they had a 6% prosecution rate of sexual assaults and within one year had jumped to 24%.  It would cost approximately $8000 per training and we estimate we would need 4-5 trainings in different parts of the state to implement.