The Alaska Native Women’s Resource Center (AKNWRC) is a non-profit organization that was and continues to be a grass roots organizing effort to bring awareness about the crisis in Alaska Native Women in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking and sex trafficking. The AKNWRC educates communities about the need to change law and policy, and provide training and education to combat the high rates of violence that are perpetrated on Alaska Native or American Indian women, children and men.

Donations would help support the capacity of the AKNWRC to reach more of the 229 federally recognized tribes in Alaska in order to facilitate locally based training based on the voices, language and teachings of local Tribes. This work facilitates local conversations and action planning to face issues plaguing tribal communities that stem from violence or sexual abuse and the reoccurrence of these issues across generations. The real change will have to come from within, but our organization is committed to helping Tribal communities identify and understand what types of changes they can make locally through education and advocacy.