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The 90% by 2020 initiative aims to eliminate the achievement gap for students by focusing efforts on those who most need support, both inside and outside of the classroom. United Way of Anchorage (UWA) facilitates the 90% by 2020 initiative including a Leadership Team, dozens of organizations, and numerous community members taking strategic action on this goal. The work for which United Way of Anchorage and the 90% by 2020 initiative request support will focus on English Learner students demonstrating the greatest need, and their families. English Learners (EL) are at higher risk academically.  In math concepts, 63.48% of EL students are academically at risk compared to 45% for all students, and in reading, 55.6% of EL students are at risk academically compared to 38.9% of all students (Source: Anchorage School District Data Dashboard).  Opportunities for support at different levels include:

$40,000 to provide one year of support for UWA staff to lead strategic collaboration with Anchorage School District and community partners to connect district-wide EL students and their families with wraparound community services and supports outside the classroom to ensure students are ready to learn when they enter the classroom, and to use data to both ensure students demonstrating the most need are served, and to track the success and progress of the interventions.

$20,000 to provide support for UWA staff for the same strategic collaboration for one year, with a scaled reduction in the number of students and families served.

$10,000 to contribute to the funding of a UWA employee to support a pilot of the EL strategic collaboration at two schools demonstrating the greatest need.

$5,000 to contribute to the funding of a UWA employee to support a pilot of the EL strategic collaboration at one school demonstrating the greatest need.