Giving Together at ACF

For information on projects currently open in Giving Together, please click here.

Giving Together is a program at The Alaska Community Foundation that allows fundholders and donors to partner with ACF in our grantmaking process and co-fund the grant proposals that most inspire them. It is ACF’s goal to connect people with the causes they care about.  By creating a direct link between donors and nonprofit missions, we help you maximize your charitable giving.

The program is one of the ways we add value to your philanthropy – it was designed to connect our expertise on the challenges facing Alaska with the unique passions of our donors and fund advisors. In this program, we invite fundholders and donors who are interested to learn about grant opportunities available which ACF does not have the capacity to fully fund. By joining our mutual support, we are able to magnify impact.  When we give together, we are better together.

The Giving Together program is based on two main strategies: Co-Funded Competitive Grantmaking and Giving Opportunities.

 Co-Funded Competitive Grantmaking

Co-Funded Competitive Grantmaking shares the best grant proposals we receive through our competitive grant cycles directly with our fund advisors and donors, inviting them to co-fund the proposals that most inspire them.  These applications are reviewed by ACF Program and Grants staff to ensure that the projects are well designed and organizations are in good standing.

For our donor advised fundholders, we offer the opportunity to partner in this program through their current funds. If you are a donor advised fundholder, please click here for more information on how you can participate.

For our donors and partners, we offer the opportunity to participate in Giving Together through our traditional donation platform. If you are interested in learning about how you can participate in Giving Together this way, please click here for more information and to see current projects that are available to fund.

Three grant opportunities will be included in the Giving Together program in 2017:

  • Teen Suicide Prevention (January and February) – support projects that will directly enhance community based efforts to prevent teen suicide
  • Social Justice Grants (May-June) – supports projects that focus on issues of social justice, including equity and inclusion
  • Vocational Fund for Alaska’s Future – (September and October) – support projects that sharpen vocational skills and contribute to the competitiveness of Alaska’s natural resource development and overall economy

Giving Opportunities

Many nonprofits develop innovative and collaborative projects that do not naturally fit into any of ACF’s competitive grant cycles, but that would appeal to our fund advisors’ unique passions if they could be shared.  Through Giving Opportunities, we will provide a way for these inspiring projects to be shared directly with fund advisors in the form of a short and simple application.  ACF program staff will review the projects and vet the organizations, inviting fund advisors to access and fund these curated proposals.  These opportunities will be shared on DonorCentral, through which individuals may directly give to support the grant proposals, as well as through a general mailing list compiled of interested fundholders who may not use DonorCentral.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate through the Giving Together Program instead of to the organizations of my choice directly?

At ACF, we encourage you to donate directly to organizations that you care about and with which you have meaningful connections. The advantage of the Giving Together Program, however, is the level of expertise ACF staff can provide to you.

  1. Through our partners and Affiliate community foundations who are deeply connected to local communities, ACF is knowledgeable about a vast array of nonprofits doing important work in every corner of our state. We have the privilege of learning about needs as they arise, whether through proposals submitted to our regular grant cycles, or nonprofits sharing information with us as part of our statewide partnerships. As a participant in the Giving Together Program, you have the opportunity to learn about worthy projects and programs you might not otherwise hear about and benefit from our deep community connections.
  1. Our knowledgeable staff provide the administrative support and background research necessary to make informed granting decisions. We ensure eligible nonprofit status as well as well-researched information about the organizations and their programs.
  1. As a partner in the Giving Together Program, you have the opportunity to maximize your impact by pooling your resources with other like-minded donors and be part of a larger collaboration supporting our Alaskan nonprofits and sustaining Alaska’s communities. Through collaborative funding, every single donation, no matter the size, becomes part of a greater whole with much larger impact collectively than would be possible individually.


I would like to receive notice via email when there are projects available to fund. Can I do that?

Yes. Please contact us at the numbers below and ask to be put on the mailing list for Giving Together. When you do so, please let us know whether you are a donor advised fundholder at ACF or not so that we may tailor our communication with you specifically. If you wish, we will only share with you opportunities specific to your interests. If at any time you wish to modify your preferences, simply contact us and we will make changes.


How do I make donations to these organizations shared in the Giving Together Program?

You may make your donation in one of two ways: directly via check or online, or – if you are a donor advised fundholder – through your fund at ACF.

If you wish to make a donation directly, simply send us a check or make a donation to the Giving Together Program online on our website. For a list of available projects, please click here. Indicate which program or organization you wish to support in the text box on the third page of the donate section online or in the ‘memo’ portion of your check if you prefer to give that way.

If you are a donor-advised fundholder, you can make your donation as a grant recommendation through your Donor Advised Fund if you wish. You may fill out the grant recommendation form and return it to us, or you may use DonorCentral, our online platform.

If you are on DonorCentral, you can make a donation directly through this platform when ACF staff share giving opportunities online. When grant opportunities are available, they will be listed on the home page of your DonorCentral account. You will be able to click on these opportunities to learn more and to recommend a grant through your Donor Advised Fund online. We will share information about these proposals as well as detailed instructions for grantmaking online for those who wish to do so this way. Interested in learning more? Click here.


Further Questions?

Please call or email us! 907 334-6700

For questions about granting opportunities or projects and proposals we have shared

For questions about DonorCentral, donating online through our website, or other technical needs.

Please contact anyone at ACF if you wish to discuss your donation preferences and areas of interest or to modify your contact information and how we can reach you.           907-334-6700