The mission of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank Service, Inc is to collect local surplus food and give it (free of charge) to those in Interior Alaska who seek food assistance.  That means that we collect 2-5 tons of local surplus food each day and, in the last 12 months, have provided over 350,000 meals to those who need them.  Two-thirds of the food we collect goes directly into the food box program.  One-third of it goes to other local 501C3 agencies who have food assistance programs in our communities.
The work is done primarily with volunteer labor (at least 15-30 volunteers each day, 6 days each week, 52 weeks each year).  We have over 1500  volunteers who regularly schedule some time to work in this warehouse each year.  Truly, our middle name is COMMUNITY and our job is to help our community SHARE what we have with one another.  Neighbors help neighbors in the Tanana Valley.  Thank you for considering this opportunity to support our organization which began in a Recession in 1982.  The concept then and now is that no one in the Tanana Valley should go to bed hungry.

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