Erin and her mom, Barb crossing a bridge in Icicle Creek.

Since Erin’s Memorial Fund was first established, her parents have talked about how to honor Erin’s spirit by giving to organizations she cared about and creating a physical space in her memory.

Erin riding on her dad’s, shoulders crossing Eagle River.

Erin and her family spent a great deal of time hiking and camping in Eagle River Valley when Erin was small. Erin continued exploring the valley with her friends as a teenager and adult.

After many consultations with family, friends, organizations, and user groups, we are pleased to announce that the Chugach State Park Superintendent, CSP Advisory Board, and the Eagle River Nature Center Advisory Board have all agreed to support building a new Public Use Cabin about three miles up Eagle River Valley on a point overlooking the river. While the cabin will be created in Erin’s honor and with support from her Memorial Fund, construction and maintenance of the cabin will be overseen by the Eagle River Nature Center. Eagle River Valley is a special place for the Johnson family and, therefore, a fitting location to construct a cabin in her memory.

Laura Vogel and Erin coming back from a backpacking trip in Eagle River.

The current plan is to build the cabin during the summer of 2023. Fundraising efforts are underway to help cover the costs. If more money is raised than needed for the cabin construction, all additional revenue will be used for long-term cabin maintenance.

For more cabin updates, visit our website here.

Parents, Steve and Barb Johnson, just below the cabin site on the river showing view up river.



Erin and her mom, Barb, skiing in Eagle River Valley.

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