When you give to one of these great causes, you create a philanthropic ripple that is felt across Alaska. Whether it’s $25 or $250,000, your investment in Alaska makes a real difference and builds a permanent endowment that will benefit all Alaskans now and forever.

Philanthropy for Alaska Fund

Help build a legacy of compassion and generosity that will create lasting support for Alaskan nonprofits and communities.

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Alaska Children’s Trust Tier-1 Community-Based Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Grants

Alaska Children's Trust (ACT) recognizes that our future is influenced greatly by the types and level of trauma our children are exposed to and the amount of resiliency they are…

Alaska Coastal Villages Relief Fund for the Support of Children and Families

This fund is intended to assist organizations with a clear track record of using resources to alleviate human suffering in affected Alaska coastal villages. Grants from this fund may provide…

Alaska Conservation Alliance – Deborah L. Dixon Fund

An agency endowment to support the Alaska Conservation Alliance, an organization working to protect Alaska’s air, land, and water by empowering Alaskans to participate in the civic arena. The fund…

Alaska COVID-19 Response Fund

Alaska COVID-19 Response Fund Now there is something you CAN DO. Join us in solidarity to address the needs of our neighbors most affected by the health and economic impact…

Alaska Dialogue Cheryll Heinze Artist in Residence Fund

A fund to support the participation of one or two artists at the annual Alaska Dialogue, a program of the Institute of the North. The fund, established in memory of…

Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund

A field of interest fund established to support the long-term recovery of communities following natural or man-made disasters. This non-endowed fund enables ACF to respond to immediate needs.

Alaska Endowment for the Environment

An endowment fund that provides grants in support of education, conservation, or protection of Alaska’s environment.

Alaska Family Services

An agency fund in support of Alaska Family Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing basic services to women, children, and families in the Mat-Su Borough.

Alaska Family Services Fund

This is an endowment fund established for the long-term stability of Alaska Family Services, Inc (AFS), established in 1979 to respond to the needs of women and children in crisis…