The Chugach Park Fund was established in 2017 to enable Alaskans of all abilities to experience the beauty of Chugach State Park by enhancing trails and facilities. The Fund will achieve this mission by helping increase stewardship through philanthropy and partnerships.

2021 – Little O’Malley Peak Trail – Phase Two

Access to alpine landscapes is one of the primary reasons why Chugach State Park hosts over a million visits annually.  The Little O’Malley Peak trail leads hikers to a large alpine area called “The Ball Field,” located at the base of O’Malley Peak. The trail is a steep and treacherous route up the O’Malley gulley. About three-quarters of a mile of trail was completed in 2020, but the remaining portion is both unsafe and unsightly.

Chugach Park Fund will continue to fundraise for our partner Alaska Trails to re-route the Little O’Malley Peak trail so it can provide hikers with a more gradual ascent. The resulting trail will be built to sustainable standards, preventing continued erosion and resource damage and requiring minimal maintenance. Trails technicians employed by Alaska Trails will complete a layout and design of the trail. A crew hired by Alaska Trails will construct the trail using mainly hand tools and natural materials. CPF will also fund one week of crew time to help complete the Middle Fork Trail improvements.

CPF will continue to coordinate with staff throughout the duration of the project to ensure that the needs and expectations of the Park are satisfied. For 2021 we are pleased to have received grants from GCI, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, and the Atwood Foundation. We are also grateful for the generosity of Marianne Holman, Genevieve, Jean Pierre, and Andre Rosay in memory of Melanie Rosay. The Little O’Malley project is also made possible by a grant from the Basic Needs grant program of The Alaska Community Foundation and the efforts of the Anchorage Petroleum Women’s Association.

The Haines Support Chain links people in need with willing volunteers in the Chilkat Valley2020 – Little O’Malley Peak Trail – Phase One Completed

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Chugach State Park, the Chugach Park Fund led the effort to improve the Little O’Malley Peak trail. During the pandemic, the project had to be done entirely by Alaska Trails, without the anticipated volunteer labor. CARES Act monies helped in the effort to complete phase one (the switchbacks pictured above). Achieving this goal was possible with the help of businesses, community organizations, and individuals who care deeply about improving trails in Chugach State Park for this and future generations. The new trail provides a welcome addition to the outdoor options that are so important to Alaskans during COVID-19.

Rasmuson Foundation, Marcia Bandy, GCI, and many individual donors have generously provided funds. Construction began on June 1. The Chugach Park Fund was selected as the non-profit partner of the Anchorage Petroleum Women’s Association.

2019 Investment – An interpretive sign at Flattop Sunnyside (formerly “backside”)

The Chugach Park Fund leveraged resources from Chugach State Park to improve signage at the recently completed Flattop Sunnyside Trail off Canyon Rd.

2018 Investment – Improving Middle Fork Trail

With leadership from Chugach State Park, the Chugach Park Fund partnered with Alaska Trails to build a ¼ mile length of trail through some of the wettest sections. More than 60 community volunteers turned this muddy section into a beautiful wood and gravel walkway.

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