Enhancing Chugach State Park for this and future generations

The Chugach Park Fund was established in 2017 to enable Alaskans of all abilities to experience the beauty of Chugach State Park by enhancing trails and facilities. The Fund will achieve this mission by helping increase stewardship through philanthropy and partnerships.

2020 – The 50/50 Campaign – $50,000 for the 50th Anniversary of Chugach State Park

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Chugach State Park, the Chugach Park Fund has undertaken a significant improvement to one of the Park’s most popular trails. The Little O’Malley Peak Trail provides access from the Glen Alps trailhead to the beautiful area known as the Ball Field and onward. Chugach Park Fund is raising $50,000 or more toward the total project cost. Final costs will be known once we see how far the project can progress this year without the expected volunteer labor due to COVID-19. Achieving this fundraising goal is possible with the help of businesses, community organizations, and individuals who care deeply about improving trails in Chugach State Park for this and future generations.

Rasmuson Foundation, Marcia Bandy, GCI, and many individual donors have generously provided funds. Construction began on June 1. The Chugach Park Fund has been selected as the non-profit partner of the Anchorage Petroleum Women’s Association and they will participate in fundraising as well.

The Haines Support Chain links people in need with willing volunteers in the Chilkat Valley

2019 Investment – An interpretive sign at Flattop Sunnyside (formerly “backside”) 

The Chugach Park Fund leveraged resources from Chugach State Park to improve signage at the recently completed Flattop Sunnyside Trail off Canyon Rd. 


2018 Investment – Improving Middle Fork Trail – $2,300

With leadership from Chugach State Park, the Chugach Park Fund partnered with Alaska Trails to build a ¼ mile length of trail through some of the wettest sections. More than 60 community volunteers turned this muddy section into a beautiful wood and gravel walkway.

Want to Learn More?

If you have questions or want to discuss our projects in more detail, contact us at chugachparkfund@gmail.com.

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