1. Qualifications for Scholarship Recipients. Individuals meeting all of the following qualifications shall be eligible to be awarded scholarships in the amount determined by the Committee. To be eligible, the candidate:

    • Must be under twenty-six (26) years of age when the application is made.
    • Must be a child, descendant, or spouse of a CFAB member or employee or a principal of a CFAB member at the time the application is made and at the time the scholarship is awarded.
    • Must plan to be a candidate for a degree (or for issuance of a certificate which verifies satisfactory completion of all required courses, training, and testing at an institution that does not issue degrees) at an accredited college, trade school, apprenticeship, or vocational-technical school. An Alaska resident at the time the application is made and at the time the scholarship is awarded

2. Criteria for Award of Scholarships. The Advisory Committee shall recommend which of the qualified candidates shall receive scholarships from the Fund, and the dollar amount of each such scholarship. In making such recommendation, the Committee shall consider the following criteria only:

    • Application: A review of the individual application and essays made as well as letters of recommendation.
    • Leadership Potential and Community Service. The Committee shall consider the leadership and community service activities of the candidate, including participation in service organizations or activities, participation in student leadership positions, activities and organizations, and community-related activities. The Committee shall have discretion in determining the extent, if any, to which participation in family-owned or family-related activities or enterprises shall be considered as “community service”.

3. Prior recipients may reapply. All applications will be considered without preference to returning recipients.

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