Field of Interest Funds

Chilkat Valley Fitness & Wellness Fund

This fund supports grantmaking to eligible 501(c)(3) charities that support initiatives, activities, or programs related to physical fitness, active recreation, and wellness in the Chilkat Valley. This fund is managed by the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation, who recommends grants that directly benefit the Chilkat Valley.

Central Kenai Peninsula Wellness for Youth Fund

This field of interest fund will provide small grants to eligible organizations in the Central Kenai Peninsula. Eligible organizations will include youth-oriented organizations that are passionate about youth leadership, development and support for youth leaders in an alcohol, drug, and tobacco-free environment. Grants will be recommended by the Kenai Peninsula Foundation advisory board.

Mountain View Community Fund

The purpose of the Mountain View Community Fund is to make grants that promote a strong thriving Mountain View neighborhood of Anchorage, Alaska, with a special focus on creating education and workforce development opportunities for children, youth and young adults.

Chugach Park Fund

The Chugach Park Fund is established to enable Alaskans to enjoy the beauty of Chugach State Park by enhancing trails and providing upgrades to the park for increased access and enjoyment.