What is The Alaska Community Foundation?

The Alaska Community Foundation is you. It’s me. It’s all of us working together to make a lasting impact in Alaska. Together, we can make a greater impact with our charitable dollars than we could do individually.

ACF was formed in 1995 to be a public, nonprofit foundation for all of Alaska that promotes effective, sustainable, local philanthropy. Individuals, nonprofits and organizations can pool their resources into one foundation for maximum efficiency. Today, we manage about $75 million in assets. Through the generosity of donors like you, in the past 20 years ACF has awarded more than $50 million in grants to improve the lives of Alaskans.

You can be part of this movement to strengthen Alaska further.

Nonprofits serve essential needs across Alaska and deserve annual support. The Alaska Community Foundation supports the work of nonprofits and local communities in three major ways: by making grants from our permanent endowed and non-endowed funds, by convening nonprofits and community members together to maximize impact, and by serving as a source for donors who wish to make a difference.

We empower local communities to identify needs and solve local problems. In that spirit, ACF partners with nine Affiliate Community Foundations including Seward, Kenai, Chilkat Valley, Golden Heart, Talkeetna, PalmerPetersburg, Ketchikan, Kodiak an Sitka. Led by dedicated volunteers, our nine Affiliates are pioneering home-grown philanthropy across Alaska.

We connect donors with causes they care about, and aid nonprofits with resources they might not otherwise have. With a wide variety of funds and giving options, everyone and anyone can support the causes they care about. Whether you are a nonprofit organization looking to set up an endowment for future reserves, a community leader partnering with others to accomplish projects for a better Alaska, or an individual or family looking to realize your own philanthropic goals, The Alaska Community Foundation can help you maximize your impact.

Because ACF pools resources, we can multiply the impact of gifts.

ACF works as a convener – bringing together key Alaskans, nonprofit leaders and multiple funding sources to respond to complex issues such as suicide prevention, homelessness and workforce development. The staff of the Alaska Community Foundation have deep roots in Alaska; in fact many of us are life-long Alaskans. We know the issues of our state and the organizations that are working effectively to address needs and expand opportunities.

As a grant maker, we grant funds to a wide variety of causes – arts, education, health and wellness, environmental projects, and even disaster relief.

In last year alone, ACF awarded $4,047,013.92 million through 914 grants and scholarships to 54 communities across Alaska.

Below, you’ll find just a few of the stories of these nonprofits and partnerships making a difference.

As a public foundation, we connect people who care with causes that matter. As such, we tailor our services to each individual’s charitable and financial interests and help people invest in the causes and organizations they believe will have the most impact in Alaska.

When you, as a donor, a nonprofit organization, or as a community member, give to a fund or a project at ACF, your donation is protected and grown, and the earnings are used to support the causes you care about for the long term. We believe that grants made tomorrow are as important as grants made today.

Most importantly, we serve our community because we are led by our community. The Alaska Community Foundation was founded by Alaskans for the long-term benefit of Alaska. It is your community foundation.

Through ACF, community members can create the world they envision through the causes that they support.

Whether that’s a place without homelessness, or one where beautiful works of art or natural spaces are accessible to all, we help Alaskans realize their visions. By enabling donors with a vehicle through which to give, we help them improve the world in which we all live – and create an Alaska where communities have the resources to thrive.

Realizing Dreams


Scholarships can make dreams come true for deserving students. Samir Akal was born in Somalia during the height of a devastating civil war. His family was forced to flee in 2007, and in their time as refugees they moved in and out of camps in Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, and Egypt. During this difficult time, Samir became inspired by the lack of basic medical and translation support available to refugees. While his family struggled to find a safe place to live, he focused on learning English and using his language skills to help others.

The family eventually immigrated to Alaska in 2014. To help support his family, Samir knew he would have to work full time while attending school, so finishing college seemed a distant goal. It was a joyful moment for his family when he learned he would receive the JJ Klein Scholarship from The Alaska Community Foundation. This scholarship focuses on students who show great promise despite facing adversity.

He is currently working at Providence Hospital and attending the University of Alaska Anchorage to earn a degree as a Physician’s Assistant. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, students like Samir Akal can achieve their dreams of making a difference in their community.

Giving Effectively to Help Others


As a military veteran, retired business owner, professional engineer, and former Rotary District Governor, Ted Trueblood knows about smart investments and returns. He understands the power of scholarships to change lives from the assistance he received as a student pursuing an engineering degree.

Ted is now in the position to help others launch their careers through scholarship support. This past year, he donated his IRA required minimum distribution as a qualified charitable distribution to two scholarship funds at The Alaska Community Foundation.

Ted sees using his required minimum distribution as a tax-smart strategy for those who are over 70½ who want to use their IRA in a tax advantaged manner. “Giving your IRA distribution to charity is a stress-free, low-effort action to take, and The Alaska Community Foundation makes it easy to give,” Ted said. He added, “When my wife and I learn about the young people who have received the scholarships, we know we are making a difference.”


Empowering the Youth of Alaska


The Social Justice Fund, which started with a generous contribution by John Rubini and Clare Bertucio, and has expanded through the donations of many others, focuses on emerging social justice needs in Alaska and encourages collaboration among organizations tackling social justice issues.

Facing Foster Care in Alaska (FFCA) received a Social Justice grant in 2017 for its innovative approach to improving the foster care system in Alaska. Formed and led by current and previous foster care youth, FFCA aims to support foster youth and reverse Alaska’s ranking as the state with the second highest per capita number of foster youth waiting for adoptive homes in the nation.

Today, the young people leading FFCA regularly advocate at the legislative and judicial levels. They also work diligently to ensure that foster youth have access to mentorship and peer support, education about their rights and resources, leadership training, and tools such as laptops and quality clothing to help them succeed. Their latest project involves launching the Office of Youth Empowerment, one of the first of its kind in the nation, in partnership with University of Alaska Anchorage’s Child Welfare Academy.

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Pick.Click.Give. 2017

Between 2009 and 2017, Pick.Click.Give. (PCG) has been a conduit of over $18.5 million for nearly 1,000 unique nonprofits across Alaska. The intent of the PCG program is to promote philanthropy in Alaska by increasing the dollars available to nonprofits, increasing the number of Alaskans who engage in philanthropy, and by promoting the benefit of the philanthropic sector statewide.

In 2017, the dollar amount of all PCG contributions was $2,577,041.03, contributed by 25,111 Alaskans to 664 individual nonprofits. The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) amount was $1,100, and the average total donation amount per person was $103.43, meaning each contributor gave 9.40% of their PFD to charity through the program.

Combined with the nearly $18.5 million dollars donated through the program since its inception in 2009, Pick.Click.Give. is well on its way to having delivered $20 million dollars to Alaska’s nonprofit sector by the end of 2018. 2017 proved to be a good year for public radio, basic services, social justice, and Alaska’s pets.


Top Ten 2017 Pick.Click.Give. Pledge Recipients: Donations and Number of Donors

Nonprofit  Amount Donated Number of Donors 
Alaska Public Media $123,727 1,625
Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands $122,025 1,656
Beans Café | The Childrens Lunchbox $102,275 1,679
Food Bank of Alaska $65,874 889
Abused Womens Aid in Crisis Inc AWAIC $63,171 1,112
Catholic Social Services | Brother Francis Shelter and Clare House $62,600 707
Alaska SPCA $42,750 848
Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue $39,950 901
Friends of Pets $34,979 621
ACLU of Alaska Foundation $31,800 475

Statewide Impact

The Affiliate Program is at the heart of ACF and core to our mission. Established in 2008 through a partnership with Rasmuson Foundation, the Affiliate Program currently supports ten Affiliate communities across Alaska to build localized philanthropy.

ACF empowers local groups of dedicated volunteer Advisors to grow their community’s endowments to support statewide nonprofits and charitable projects, now and forever. Affiliate Advisory Boards recommend grants to local nonprofits, lead efforts to support organizations within their communities, and encourage their communities to invest in themselves to build stronger and more vibrant lives for their residents. As a result, ACF and its Affiliates increase individual philanthropy among Alaskans, encourage local leadership to identify community issues and invest in solutions, and grow permanent charitable assets in communities across Alaska to sustain nonprofits.

1. Golden Heart Community Foundation (Fairbanks & North Pole)
Total grants since 2013: $34,250
2. Jessica Stevens Community Foundation (Talkeetna)
Total grants since 2008: $106,422
3. Chilkat Valley Community Foundation (Haines & Klukwan)
Total grants since 2008: $136,390
4. Seward Community Foundation (Seward & Moose Pass)
Total grants since 2008: $586,747
5. Kenai Peninsula Foundation
Total grants since 2008: $73,751
6. Kodiak Community Foundation
Total grants since 2013: $47,928
7. Petersburg Community Foundation
Total grants since 2008: $85,602
8. Ketchikan Community Foundation
Total grants since 2013: $49,964
9. Greater Sitka Legacy Fund
Total grants since 2013: $28,392
10. Palmer Community Foundation
Established 2017


1. Homer Foundation 
2. Juneau Community Foundation
3. Bethel Community Services Foundation
4. Arctic Slope Community Foundation
5. Chugiak Eagle River Foundation

Thank You 2017 Donors

At the Alaska Community Foundation, our mission is to inspire the spirit of giving and connect people, organizations and causes to strengthen Alaska’s communities now and forever.

It is only through the generous support of donors like you that ACF is able to work with communities across our state connect people who care with causes that matter. Thank you for your support and commitment to making a lasting impact in Alaska. Together, we are building communities that thrive.

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75th Anniversary Fund – Anchorage
75th Anniversary Fund – Statewide
AFN Education Fund
AFN Marketplace Fund
Alaska Academy of Family Physicians Foundation Endowment Fund
Alaska Arts and Culture – Alaska Literary Awards Program
Alaska Arts and Culture – Connie Boochever Fund
Alaska Arts and Culture – Helen Walker Fund
Alaska Arts and Culture – Margaret Nick Cooke Fund
Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation Fund
Alaska Association for Historic Preservation Easements Fund
Alaska Association of Conservation Districts Endowment (Donor Designated Fund)
Alaska Association of Conservation Districts Endowment Fund
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum Fund
Alaska Botanical Garden Maintenance Fund for Lile’s Garden
Alaska Cardiovascular Research Foundation Fund
Alaska Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired Endowment Fund
Alaska Children’s Trust Agency Fund
Alaska Children’s Trust Designated Fund
Alaska Children’s Trust Fund
Alaska Coastal Villages Relief Fund for the Support of Children and Families
Alaska Community Foundation Fund
Alaska Conservation Alliance – Deborah L. Dixon Fund
Alaska Conservation Alliance – Deborah L. Dixon Fund (Donor Designated)
Alaska Cross Country Ski Racer Development Fund
Alaska Dialogue Cheryll Heinze Artist in Residence Fund
Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund
Alaska Endowment for the Environment
Alaska Family Services
Alaska Family Services Fund
Alaska Fund
Alaska Historical Society Fund
Alaska Humanities Forum Endowment Fund
Alaska Meth Education Project Fund
Alaska Native Cancer Foundation
Alaska Native Heritage Endowment Fund
Alaska Public Media Endowment (Donor Designated) Fund
Alaska Public Media Endowment Fund
Alaska Raptor Center Fund
Alaska Raptor Center Fund (Donor Designated)
Alaska SeaLife Center Endowment
Alaska Sealife Center Endowment Fund (Donor Designated)
Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – Edward Rasmuson Endowment
Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – General Fund
Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – Jim Landes Memorial Fund
Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – Pia-Margrethe Denkewalter Memorial Fund
Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – Tom Besh Fund
Alaska Winter Olympians Fund
Alaska Women’s Foundation
Alaska Women’s Giving Circle
Alaska World Affairs Council Programs Fund
Alaska World Affairs Council Programs Fund (Donor Designated)
Alaska Wrestling Fund
Alfred Hanisch Fund for the First American Baptist Church
Ambrose/Stevens Family Fund of the Jessica Stevens Community Foundation
American Society for Circumpolar Health (Donor Designated) Fund
American Society for Circumpolar Health Fund
Anaktuvuk Pass Community Fund
Anchorage 21st Century Community Learning Centers Fund
Anchorage Community YMCA Fund
Anchorage Concert Chorus Mary Hale Fund
Anchorage Park Foundation Legacy Endowment Fund
Anchorage Schools Foundation Emergency Fund
Anchorage Schools Foundation Endowment Fund
Anchorage Schools Foundation Operating Fund
Anchorage Schools Foundation Small Grants Fund
Anchorage Skates Fund
Anchorage Trail Care Fund
Anchorage Trail Care Fund (Endowed)
Anchorage Trail Care Fund (Field of Interest)
Anchorage Waterways Council Fund
Anchorage Youth Symphony Fund
Andy Mathisen Fishing Park
Anthony O’Malley Youth Fund
Arctic Health Foundation Fund
Arctic Slope Community Foundation Fund
Arctic Valley Endowment (Donor Designated) Fund
Arctic Valley Endowment Fund (Donor Designated)
Art Jess Scholarship Fund
Ashley & Heather Call Family Fund of the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation
AVTEC Foundation Fund
Babbie and Ian Jacobs Family Fund
Beam Family Fund
Bean’s Cafe Endowment
Bean’s Cafe Endowment (Donor Designated)
Benjamin B. Talley Scholarship Endowment Fund
Bethel Community Services Foundation Fund
Blake Reese Memorial Fund
Block Family Foundation Fund
BP Alaska Youth and Education Fund
BP Energy Center Endowment Fund
Brandon C. Reiley Fund
Brandon C. Reiley Scholarship Fund
Brian R. Young Sports Travel Fund
Byrne Family Fund
Calypso Farm & Ecology Center Endowment Fund
Camilli Family Foundation
Camp Fire Alaska Council Endowment (Donor Designated) Fund
Camp Fire Alaska Council Endowment Fund
Camp Fire USA Alaska Council Inclusion Fund
Capacity Building for Charitable Organizations
Carl Seaman Scholarship Fund
Caroline Christen Torgerson Memorial Fund
Carrie Klein Fund
CARTA Scholarship Endowment Fund
Carver Family Fund
Central Alaska Teachers’ Grant Endowment Fund
Central Kenai Peninsula Wellness for Youth Fund
Challenge Alaska Endowment Fund
Challenger Learning Center Fund
Chef Cotter Scholarship Fund
Chilkat Valley Affiliate Operating Fund
Chilkat Valley Community Foundation
Chilkat Valley Community Foundation Fund
Chilkat Valley Environmental Fund
Chilkat Valley Fitness & Wellness Fund – Field of Interest
Chilkat Valley Memorial Fund
Chugach Park Fund
Chugiak-Eagle River Foundation Fund
City of Seward Unrestricted Fund
Clara Lee Memorial Fund for the Preservation of the Inupiat Language and Culture
Clausen Memorial Museum Fund
Commonwealth North Endowment Fund
Community Building for Alaska Fund
Community Connections, Inc. Endowment Fund
Congregation Beth Sholom Community Fund
Cordova Center Fund
Covenant House Alaska
Cox Family Fund
Craig Seibert Legacy Fund
Crosby-Wilm Fund
D. L. Hicks Fund
David E. Knox Memorial Nursing Fellowship
Davis Constructors & Employees Fund
Denali Fund
Dieter Family Endowment Fund for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Teen Suicide
Domestic Violence Project
Don and Sandra Hanson Fund
Don Dewitt Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Croft Scholarship for Young Musicians
Dr. Jane Egger Fund for the Petersburg Humane Association
Dr. John Halligan Scholarship Fund
Dr. Merritt Olson Academic Scholarship
Durrell Family Foundation Fund
Early Education Fund for Alaska’s Children
Edmund & Eveline Schuster Family Fund
Elizabeth Carroll Fund
Elmer and Ruth Schwantes Fund
Endowment for Alaska Pets
Endowment Fund to Support Artistic Programs at Perseverance Theatre
Fairbanks Animal Shelter Fund
Fairbanks Animal Shelter Fund (Donor Designated)
Fairbanks Arts Association Endowment Fund
Fairbanks Arts Association Endowment Fund (Donor Designated)
Fairbanks Rescue Mission Sustainability Fund
Fairbanks Youth Advocates Keep Our Doors Open Donor Designated Fund
Fairbanks Youth Advocates Keep Our Doors Open Fund
Fireweed Fund
FNSBSD/Susan Stitham Widening Horizons Scholarship Fund
Food Bank of Alaska Endowment Fund for a Hunger Free Alaska
Food Bank of Alaska Fund for a Hunger Free Alaska
Four Valleys Community School Inc.
Four Valleys Community School Inc. (Donor Designated)
Frank & Carol Pinkerton Orchestral String Instrument Scholarship Fund
Frank Dieckgraeff Memorial Fund for Seward Seniors
Friends of Dick Proenneke/Twin Lakes Endowment Fund
Friends of Jesse Lee Home
Friends of Nike Site Summit Endowment (Donor Designated) Fund
Friends of Nike Site Summit Fund
Friends of the Campbell Creek Science Center Endowment Fund
Friends of the Talkeetna Library Endowment Fund
Friends of the Talkeetna Library Endowment Fund (Donor Designated)
Fritz Gunkel Fund for Mental Health
Fund for Public Art
Fund for the Homeless
Gary Martin Swim Scholarship Fund
Golden Heart Community Foundation Fund
Golden Heart Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Golden Heart Operating Fund
Golden Rule Scholarship Fund
Good Soil Foundation Fund
Gordon Paulsen Fund
Grace Christian School Endowment
Grace Christian School Endowment (Donor Designated)
Greater Fairbanks Area Community Housing Quasi-Endowment
Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation Hospice Services Designated Fund
Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation Hospice Services Fund
Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce Endowed Scholarship Fund
Greater Sitka Legacy Fund
Greater Sitka Legacy Fund Operating Endowment
Greater Sitka Operating Fund
Greg and Patsy Romack Education Fund
Haines Borough Public Library Legacy Fund
Hank Rosenthal Memorial Fund
Harry H. Hirshik Scholarship Fund
Healthy Alaskans Fund
Hiltenbrand Family Fund
Homer Foundation Donor Designated Endowment
Homer Foundation Endowment
Hoonah Education Association Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
Hospice of Haines Fund
Hospice of Haines Fund (Donor Designated)
Identity, Inc., Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies Agency Endowment Fund
Immanuel Fund
Institute of the North Fund
Ionia Donor Designated Endowment Fund
Ionia Endowment Fund
Ionia Quasi-Endowment Fund
Irma Scavenius Memorial Fund for Furthering Understanding Between Alaskans and Those of Other Countries
James and Lee Cloud Fund
Jane H. Behlke Fund for the Elderly and the Hungry
Janis Family Fund
Jean Romig Memorial Fund
Jessica Stevens Affiliate Operating Fund
Jessica Stevens Community Foundation Fund
Jessica Stevens Community Foundation Memorial Fund
Jessica Stevens Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Jim Balamaci Memorial Fund
Jim Snead Memorial Scholarship Fund
JJ Klein Scholarship Fund
John Trigg Ester Library Donor Designated Endowment Fund
John Trigg Ester Library Endowment Fund
Josephine’s Dream Scholarship Fund
JS Fund
Juneau Community Foundation Designated Fund
Juneau Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Kaanta Community Fund for the Beautification of Seward
Kaplan – Sather Fund
Kathryn E. And John P. Doyle Scholarship Fund
KAYHI Alumni Scholarship Fund
Kenai Affiliate Operating Fund
Kenai Central High School Choir Fund
Kenai Peninsula Food Bank Endowment Fund
Kenai Peninsula Foundation Fund
Kenai Peninsula Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Kenny Carver Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kenny Carver Scholarship Fund (Soldotna)
Ketchikan CF Operating Fund
Ketchikan Community Foundation Fund
Ketchikan Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
KFSK Endowment Fund
Kincaid Project Group Endowment
Kisumu Children’s Foundation Fund
Kodiak CF Operating Fund
Kodiak Community Foundation Fund
Kodiak Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Kodiak Kid Wrestling Club Fund
Kodiak Maritime Museum Endowment
Kodiak Public Broadcasting Fund
Kodiak Public Library Association Fund
KPG Maintenance Endowment Fund
Kyle Alter Memorial Cancer Foundation Fund
Lang Family Fund
Larson Family Fund of the Seward Community Foundation
Leo and Jeanne Bustad Fund
Lib & Whitey Hakkinen Professional Development Fund of the Sheldon Museum & Haines Cult. Ctr
Lindsey Family Fund
Livingston Family Fund
Luella James Scholarship Fund
Malawi Children’s Village Tuition Endowment
Marcia Hastings Fund
Margaret A. Anderson Fund of the Seward Community Foundation
Mark Eliason Education Fund
Marquez Family Fund
Marston Foundation Fund
Matanuska-Susitna Schools Foundation
Mat-Su Sea Hawkers Fund
Mat-Su Senior Services Endowment Fund
Mat-Su Services for Children & Adults
Maurie Harrington Memorial Scholarship Fund
Megan Rawson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Megan Rawson Scholarship Fund
Melissa Faye Pike Memorial Foundation
Michalski Family Fund
Mike and Maryanne Pinkham Fund
Milqueya A. Franjul Memorial Fund
Milt and Sue Byrd Fund
Moir A. & Nellie E. Tatum Fund
Monroe Foundation Agency Fund for the Catholic Schools of Fairbanks
Monroe Foundation Endowment for the Catholic Schools of Fairbanks (Donor Designated)
Monroe Foundation Endowment for the Catholic Schools of Fairbanks Fund
Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center Cultural Program Endowment
Moselwood Fund
Mountain View Community Fund
Mt. Edgecumbe High School Fund
Mt. Edgecumbe High School Fund (Donor Designated)
Nancy Mitchel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Neal O. Thorpe Memorial Operating Fund
Neal O. Thorpe Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nelson Page Fund
Newcomb Fund
Ninilchik School Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks, Alaska Fund
Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage Scholarship
Norton Cruz Family Foundation Fund
Oscar Anderson House Fund
Palmer Community Foundation Fund
Palmer Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Palmer Family Fund
Patrica Roppel Memorial Scholarship Fund (Donor Designated)
Patricia Roppel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Paul and Sharon Rupple Fund of The Seward Community Foundation
Pet Pride Angel Fund
Petersburg Affiliate Operating Fund
Petersburg Community Foundation Fund
Petersburg Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Petersburg Library Art Education Endowment
Petersburg Mental Health Services Fund at the Petersburg Community Foundation
Petersburg Mental Health Services Fund at the Petersburg Community Foundation (donor designated gifts)
Petersburg Public Library – Heritage of the Sea
Petersburg Public Library Endowment Fund
Petersburg Public Library Endowment Fund (Donor Designated)
Peterson/Cumberland Alaska Fund
Pick Click Give Project Fund
Point Hope-Tikigaq Community Fund
Point Lay-Kali Community Fund
Porterfield/Friedman Family Fund
Prince of Wales Health Network Fund
Professional Development of Volunteer Administrators Fund
Progressive and Social Justice Fund
Qutekcak Native Tribe Fund
R.M.R. Family Foundation
Rachel Ann Lewis Memorial Fund
Randich Family Foundation
Ray and Maxine Stephens Memorial Scholarship Fund
Recover Alaska Media Project on Alcohol and Alaska
Recover Alaska Project Fund
Red Boucher Scholarship Fund
Remembering the Children (Mikelnguut Umyuaqluki)
Returning Exchange Student Scholarship Fund
Richard & Sarah Mayes Fund
Richard and Susan Foley Family Fund
Robert E. Gieringer Scholarship Fund
Ron and Terri Davis Trades Scholarship Fund
Rose – Levy Family Fund
Safety Net Fund
Salmon Connect Fund
Saltwater Inc. Oceans Fund
Salvation Army Youth Development Fund
Sam Pitcher Memorial Scholarship ( Donor Designated)
Sam Pitcher Memorial Scholarship Fund
Scott Fibranz Memorial Baseball Scholarship Fund
Scotty Gomez Foundation Fund
Serafino Morichetti Fund
Seward Affiliate Operating Fund
Seward Community Foundation Fund
Seward Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Seward Community Library Association Fund
Seward Community Library Association Fund (Donor Designated Gifts)
Seward High School Scholarship Fund
Seward PTSA Legacy Fund
Seward PTSA Non-Endowed Legacy Fund
Seward Seahawks Athletic Booster Club Fund
Seward Senior Center Endowment
Seward Senior Citizens Endowment
Seward Wellness Fund of the Seward Community Foundation
Shayna Marie Pritchard Memorial Scholarship
Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center Endowment Fund
Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center Endowment Fund
Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center Fund
Shelly Szepanski Memorial Flight Scholarship Fund
Simon Paneak Memorial Museum
Sitka Scholarship Fund
Smiles for Kids
Soldotna High School Endowment Fund
Soldotna High School Fund
Soroptimist International of Anchorage Fund
Stosh & Claudia Anderson Donor Advised Fund
Suicide Prevention – Alaska Born and Raised Fund
Suzanne Weller Endowment Fund
Sven & Lorraine Eriksson Alaska Fund
Talkeetna Bachelor Society Fund for Women & Children in Crisis
Talkeetna Historical Society Fund
Teen Suicide Prevention Program
The Children’s Lunchbox (Donor Designated Fund)
The Children’s Lunchbox Fund
The Dream Lives On – The Dave Buchhauser Fund
The Hajdukovich Family Foundation Fund
The Tundra Fund
THS Patricia Roppel Memorial Scholarship
Tim Akers Memorial Scholarship Fund
Toby Gamble and Janet Helen Tolan Gamble Educational Fund
Tom and Kay O’Grady Fund
Valley Charities Inc. Endowment Fund
Valley Charities Inc. Endowment Fund (Donor Designated)
Veteran’s Memorial Endowment
Veteran’s Memorial Maintenance Fund
Victory Ministries Legacy Endowment Fund
Vocational Fund for Alaska’s Future
Walter J. and Ermalee Hickel Alaska Fund
Watson Fund
WAVE Endowment of the Petersburg Community Foundation
Weiser Family Fund
West Anchorage High Foundation Fund
West High Auditorium Fund
Wish Upon the North Star
Women Veterans Fund in memory of Mary Louise Rasmuson
Wrangell Scholarship Fund
Yerkes Family Foundation Fund
Yerkes Family Fund
YWCA Alaska Endowment
YWCA Alaska Endowment (Donor Designated)