Tools & Resources

The following resources are for our Affiliate community foundations and statewide nonprofits, current and potential fund holders, and professional advisors.

For Fund Advisors

Grant Making and Due Diligence Policy
Awarding Scholarships Policy
Agency Fund Grant Recommendation Form
Designated Grant Recommendation Form
Donor Advised Grant Recommendation Form
Scholarship Annual Review & Recommendation Form

For Professional Advisors

Administrative Fee Chart
Investment and Spending Policy
Gift and Fund Acceptance Policy
Sample Bequest Language
Whistleblower and Fraud Reporting Policy – Contact Audit Committee Chair
Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy
1998 Articles of Incorporation
The Alaska Community Foundation Bylaws

For Affiliate Communities

Affiliate Handbook Part 1 – Overview & Policies
Affiliate Handbook Part 2 – CABI and Affiliate Advisory Boards
Affiliate Handbook Part 3 – Grantmaking & Communications
Affiliate Handbook Part 4 – Attachments
Affiliate Advisory Board Job Descriptions
Affiliate Advisory Board Recruitment
Affiliate Conflict of Interest Form
Affiliate Grant Recommendation Form
Affiliate Relations
Making an Online Gift Tutorial