Giving Thanks

As we approach the season for giving thanks and the time when we reflect on how grateful we are for the blessings in our daily lives, I want to acknowledge all of the individuals, community

A Foundation for the Future Vocational Grants

In a rural Southeast community in Alaska, where most households are low-income and unemployment is more than 13%, skilled job training can be the difference between feeding your family – or struggling to survive.

Legacies That Realize Dreams

Emily Brockman, a first-generation college student with big dreams, is carrying on the legacy of the namesake whose scholarship she received.

Stronger Communities Together

The Winter Bear play tells the story of an Alaska Native teenager who rises above the traumas of his past to become a leader with the help of his mentor Sidney Huntington.

Honoring Home A legacy gift that ensures a community's future

How do you honor a place you call home? A place where you grew up, made friends, met your spouse and built your career? For Margaret and Leland Rich, the answer is simple: give what